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Oh, the holidays. It’s that time of the year again! When you are working, commuting, and trying to balance some play into that repertoire, holiday gift shopping can be somewhat burdensome. Struggling with my own gift shopping this year, I thought I would create a mouthwatering list of 10 amazing gifts for the Bloody Mary lover in your life. I know I would happy with all (or any one) of these gifts, so happy shopping and happy holidays from Bloody Mary Tour.

1.) 16 oz. Mason Jar Glasses (4 Pack) by Lily’s Home

Perfect gift for Bloody Mary lovers who like to make cocktails for all of their friends.


2.) Cajun Style Pickled Quail Eggs (2 pint jars) by J&S Farms

A unique garnish that is cute taboot and flavored with Cajun spices.


3.) Benny’s Beef Straws (Original or Chipotle)

Instead of grabbing classic plastic straws for a gift, why don’t you gift these tasty beef straws instead?


4.) Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mixes (8 oz Variety Pack – Set of 4)

Tried and true, these Bloody Mary mix kits only require you to add tomato juice, vodka, and ice. A great gift for the traveling Bloody Mary lover or someone who just wants to save space in the kitchen.



5.) “You Say Tomato But I Say Bloody Mary ” T-Shirt (Women & Men’s T-shirts)

For the fashionable Bloody drinkers.


6.) Bolder Beans Pickled Green Beans (3 pack variety, 16 oz jars)

Delicious pickled green beans available in mild, medium, and hot. A must-have garnish for the Bloody Mary aficionado.


7.) Novelty candy canes (Wasabi, Bacon, and Pickle)

I just bought a pack of the wasabi candy canes to make a Christmas-themed Bloody Mary. These are a great gag gift, though I will be using mine in a future Bloody Mary recipe (stay tuned!).


8.) “Make Mine a Bloody Mary!” Pint Glass

A useful gift for all.


9.) Demitri’s Bacon RimShot

For bacon and Bloody Mary lovers alike, this rimmer is a tasty treat.


10.) Bloody Mary Gift Pack

This gift pack would be perfect for that special someone in your life who you want to spend big bucks on… This gift pack includes four highball glasses, bamboo picks, a mini recipe book, Bloody Mary mix, celery salt, garlic salt, oregano, thyme, garlic hot sauce, ghost pepper hot sauce, chipotle pepper hot sauce, and whiskey habanero hot sauce.


Note: This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.