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14111779_10208224674229215_2105144571_nThe Emerald City, Jet City, or Sea-Town— whatever you like to call it– Seattle is a great place to be. From the seaside sights to delicious grub, this Northwest metropolis has something for everyone to enjoy. I personally love the “blueness” of the whole place (maybe it’s because I feel I am by the water every second I’m there) and the wet weather that I tend to forget about during the relatively dry summers in Colorado.


Pike Place Market

I got to venture out to Seattle for my second time ever to visit a friend and see the best band ever, of course (can you guess which band?), at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. That place is epic. You should go there sometime if you can. And the band Phish? Well they were epic as well. I would tell you more, but what happens at the Gorge, stays at the Gorge… Or on the live downloads 😉


The Gorge

Now for Seattle… Since I had been there once before and did all of the “uber” touristy things then, I opted for a more relaxed time in Sea-Town. Naturally, we visited Pike’s Place Market to look at the handicrafts, homemade jams, and fresh-out-of-the-water seafood and to snag a bag of Washington cherries for an afternoon snack. We also checked ventured into the Olympic Sculpture Park and enjoyed lots of giant sculptures and nice seaside views. We ate (semi)-authentic Thai food and fresh Northwestern salmon taboot… And of course had a delicious meal filled with Bloodies and seafood at Bacco Cafe! Bacco Cafe is located within a short walk of Pike’s Place Market, so you can venture out of the market madness (and hour long waits) up the street to this quaint eatery. Bacco serves up meals made with local ingredients and organic eggs if you order a breakfast dish.


M and I, seaside.


The Rhombus. Olympic Sculpture Park.

We dined outside on a classically-grey Seattle day. For a late lunch, I ordered the dungeness crab sandwich (complete with a tasty brioche bun) and Pike Place Market clam chowder, which I would definitely recommend to the next diner at Bacco. The Bacco Bloodies are delicious and made with chili-infused vodka taboot. My full review is below.


Dungeness Crab + Clam Chowder


Until next time, Seattle. Au revior!


Bacco Cafe’s Bloody looked pleasing when delivered to our table. Served in a tall and slender glass rimmed with cayenne pepper and salt, the Bloody was garnished with two pickled green beans, a lemon wedge, celery stalk, and cocktail onion. It was your classic bright red hue and had spices floating throughout.


The garnish was appealing to the eye and presented in a nice fashion atop/inside the Bloody. The pickled green beans were my obvious fave… With the cocktail onion coming in at a close second. While not the most unique garnish, it was still tasty and attractive!

SPICE 20/20

The Bacco Bloody is made with chile pepper vodka which means a nice, hot kick in your mouth after drinking! Yum. The spice was pretty perfect due to the infused vodka and delicious housemade mix. I tasted a lot of pepper, but not any noticeable amounts of other spices. Tanginess shone through the Bloody, along with hints of chili.


Bacco’s Bloody had a tiny bit of acidity to it, but nothing too noticeable. Though the mix was tangy, I did not develop any heartburn feelings during or after drinking the Bloody. The cocktail was light and refreshing– perfect for a warm day in Seattle.


The Bacco Bloody Mary was unique for its use of chili infused vodka and peppery flavor. Although the garnish was relatively classic, I’m a sucker for pickled green beans, so points for those too! The price tag could have rendered a bigger Bloody (I’m not about those tall and slim cocktails.. I like ‘em fat).


Looking for a good eatery just up the hill from Pike’s Place Market? Check out Bacco Cafe! Bacco Cafe is located at:

Inn at the Market Seattle, 86 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101