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I love Chicago. Not just because it is my home city (okay, I’m from the ‘burbs, but still), but because of the amazing food and drink this city has to offer… Along with everything else… From the music scene to beautiful skyline views, Chicago truly has something for everyone. I luckily got to spend nearly a week in Illinois early this summer and a grand ol’ weekend in the Windy City because that Phish band was back in town. Sometimes I travel to see them 😉


M & I waiting for the train. If you like my Fishman leggings, contact me! I have some for sale.

The shows were an epic start to summer tour for me. I got to hangout with my best friends from home and Colorado– all together to see our favorite band– something that truly makes my heart melt. The shows took place at the field where I saw my first Cubs game aka Wrigley Field. June 24th and 25th, 2016 marked the first time Phish played Wrigley. They opened up the weekend with Sample In a Jar and carried on through to a niiiice lineup of songs– Sand, Miss You (debut), The Wedge, Free, and closing out the first set with Blaze On. HOT DAMN.


Wrigley Field Night 1

Phish played countless other amazing songs and jams that night, including Down with Disease, 2001, Backwards Down the Number Line (my guilty pleasure.. Especially because I was with “all my friends”), and SPACE ODDITY!! A tribute to the man David Bowie. That was AWESOME!


Best friend Alyssa & I

After the show Friday, some friends and I made a stupid decision to spend after sunrise until roughly 3 PM on Montrose Beach. It all sounds like fun and games, but we were burnt to crisps because a.) we forgot to wear sunscreen and b.) all of our phones died so we had no clue what time it was. So.. Saturday night was not as pleasurable for me to say the least. The setlist was amazing, but my body was not. Anyways, highlights of Saturday for me were Fluffhead (FLUFFS BACK!), Divided Sky, Tweezer, Piper, Carini, and I Am the Walrus (first time played since 2010).


Bringing together the Chicago and Colorado crews!

A long weekend of partying entails a nice Bloody Mary and filling food to follow. Therefore, M, a friend, and myself headed to Lou Malnati’s in Lincoln Square. We ordered the Lou’s Salad, the Malnati Chicago Classic (that good good deep dish pizza for any of you wondering), and some calamari… With some Bloodies taboot! You can read the full review of Lou Malnati’s Bloody Mary below. I highly recommend heading to Lou’s next time you’re in Chicago or the surrounding areas.




Lou’s Bloody was a nice red hue, laden with spices (especially pepper + celery seed). A classic garnish of a lime wedge, lemon wedge, two olives, and celery were placed atop the cocktail. The Bloodies were very attractive and looked fresh AF.


The garnish was simple but pleasing. A giant stalk of celery popped out of each glass and lemon and lime wedges were floating in each Bloody. The olives were of a large variety and tasted, well, like good olives!

SPICE 19/20

Pepper was the most significant spice in the Lou’s Bloody. There were also compliments of celery seed.. But, DARN, this Bloody was peppery! The spice was good and lingered in my mouth for awhile after tasting. The Bloody also was tangy.


The Bloody was a great thickness– perfect for the heat that blanketed Chicago in June. The cocktail’s tanginess led to some acidity and a bit of heartburn, but it was still pretty good.


Lou Malnati’s Bloody was not too unique, but it was perfect for a hot summer day. The use of (a lot) of pepper led to a creative flavor, so points for that!


Lou’s has a plethora of locations in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Lou Malnati’s Logan Square is located at:

4340 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618