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A place of magic, where the sun sets upon the tips of volcanoes lingering over the blue waters and Maya school children run about… The beauty called Lake Atitlan. I just got back from a trip to Guatemala– hence why there have not been many posts this month– and had an amazing time. M and I went to visit our friend who lives and works down in Panajachel, one of the largest towns on Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan itself is the deepest lake in Central America; it is surrounded by three volcanoes and its “basin is volcanic in origin, filling an enormous caldera formed by an eruption 84,000 years ago.” The lake is surrounded by Maya villages, each different in their own respect.


In the middle of our vacation, M and I took a day trip to the “party town” of Lake Atitlan aka San Pedro La Laguna, which is across the lake from our main base in Panajachel. San Pedro is known as a beautiful and cheap place to stay on the lake so it appeals to backpackers and budget travelers alike—or people like us who just enjoy a good old fashioned party. It is nestled up next to the largest volcano on Lake Atitlan, Volcan San Pedro. After disembarking from the boat or “lancha,” we headed up a steep road into town (which only took about 30 seconds). We grabbed a drinks to start because… first things first. We went to this cool looking spot called Bar Sublime.


Sublime is a multifaceted bar with a bonfire pit and dance floor; it also has various shows throughout the week at night and provides chill hangout areas on three different levels (couches and hammocks too) for kickin’ back with your friends. I had my favorite cocktail which you all know and M had a tequila sunrise– tequila is so damn cheap in Guatemala! We sat across from the mountains along the lake adjacent to San Marcos on some high stools on the main level. I wasn’t expecting much from the Bloody because we were in Guatemala, but Sublime actually did a decent job for what it’s worth. You can read the full below.


Nonetheless, I recommend checking out Sublime and San Pedro if you are in the Lake Atitlan area because this town is SWEET. I hope to stay for longer next time I’m around (maybe even move there ;)….. After having a drink at Sublime, M and I wondered around the town and checked out some cool viewpoints on the lake. We returned to Sublime for lunch and it was awesome… I had a delicious burger topped with a fried egg and fries.



Sublime’s Bloody Mary looked quite average when served to me—but I wasn’t expecting anything too fancy out in Guatemala. The cocktail was garnished solely with a lime and salted on the rim. Some spices were seen floating throughout and the Bloody was a bright red hue.


As mentioned in the previous section, the Bloody was garnished with a lime. I’m not complaining since I was in a foreign country, but something briney would have been a nice addition. The lime was aesthetically pleasing and added a tad bit of citrus flavor to the cocktail.

SPICE 17/20

When drinking Sublime’s Bloody, I tasted distinct notes of pepper and citrus prior to squeezing the lime in the cocktail. The Bloody obviously got lime-y after I tossed the lime in. The Bloody wasn’t too spicy—it was the perfect amount of flavor. The salt on the glass rim was a nice compliment while sipping.


Texture was light and refreshing, which was great for a day outside in the (semi) sunshine ;)After a thirty minute boat ride and some bouts of dehydration I thoroughly enjoyed this refresher upon my arrival in San Pedro La Laguna. The Bloody was a bit acidic.


Sublime’s Bloody Mary was not too unique but the views from the establishment were unparallel to most. M and I didn’t want to leave our stools aside Volcan San Pedro. The Bloody Mary was a great way to enjoy the spirit of Lake Atitlan. It was simple, refreshing, and light enough for a day outside.


Whether or not you decide to grab a Bloody Mary in San Pedro, Bar Sublime is worth checking out. You can read more about Sublime on their Facebook page.