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Today I bring you a review of Mustache Mike’s Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix. Mustache Mike’s hails from Anaheim, California and originally started out as an Italian Ice company. Mustache Mike’s was created by husband and wife, Mike and Adelle, who wanted to bring their East Coast Italian Ice recipe to the West Coast. Then, the Bloody Mary mixes were created. Mustache Mike’s offers three diverse mixes: Chipotle, Chili Lime, and Sriracha. The company also makes a delicious glass rimmer coined Mustache Mike’s Spicy Rim Job, which I could eat by the spoonful (except my arteries might not like me afterwards 😉 ). Mustache Mike’s sent me a bottle of the Sriracha mix and a container of the Spicy Rim Job to sample. The mix is a classic mix that is relatively simple and would be great to draw non-Bloody drinkers into the World of the Bloody. Full review of Mustache Mike’s Sriracha Mix can be read below.



Water, tomato paste, salt, spices, citric acid, vinegar, corn sweetener, xanthan gum, red #40, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate as preservative.

Key Notes

Simple, but tasty. The mix has a tiny kick of spice, but it is very manageable. The mix is pretty tomato-y.

What Differentiates Mustache Mike’s Bloody Mary Mix From Others?

As mentioned in the introduction, Mustache Mike’s started out as an Italian Ice company. I sure don’t know any other Italian Ice company out there that is also making Bloody Mary mixes!

From the Looks of It

Mustache Mike’s Bloody Mary Mix label is reminiscent of badass biker days– thanks to the mustached guy sporting sunglasses and the bold fonts used. It honestly reminds me of California, where Mustache Mike’s was created. Upon doing the shake test, some spices were floating throughout, but not as many as other mixes.

Taste Test

Before making the Bloodies, I did my usual taste test of the mix. Mustache Mike’s Sriracha Bloody Mary mix reminded me of a spicy tomato soup and was relatively thick. The spices were very subtle though. The mix was simple and salty.

The Bloodies


Round 1: I made some Bloodies for M and I with Mustache Mike’s Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix, New Amsterdam Vodka, and ice. I rimmed each glass with Mustache Mike’s delicious Spicy Rim Job and garnished each Bloody with a slice of bacon, a pickle, and lemon wedge because I had all of these ingredients in my kitchen. While drinking the Bloody, each sip was relatively subtle in flavor, with the occasional spicy sip. Each spicy sip was bold. The Rim Job was a great compliment to the Bloody Mary and was the perfect mixture of salt and spice– I could honestly eat it by itself. The Bloodies were good, but not the boldest in flavor.

Round 2: Later on in the week, I decided to make some more Bloodies with Mustache Mike’s mix. This time around, I added in a few extra ingredients to make the flavor pop. I added some horseradish, spicy pickle brine, and cracked black pepper to each Bloody. This created a truly exceptional flavor with the complexity that was lacking in the first round of Bloodies. Of course, these additions may not be for everyone, especially those who like a simple and mild Bloody flavor.

So How Was It?

Mustache Mike’s Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix was pretty good, though the Sriracha taste wasn’t very notable. It is definitely a less-complex mix and likely could cater to a wider audience than more niche mixes. If you were having a party, this would be a great mix for everyone (especially those guests who are picky and don’t like things too spicy!). This mix would also be a good mix to ease people into the Bloody Mary drinking world– a world that everyone should join one day!

Check out Mustache Mike’s full Bloody Mary product list here— because don’t you want a taste of California?