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The Boss Hog on the left, Bangkok Bloodies on the right.

I finally made my return to Snooze Eatery after a two year hiatus. I wasn’t purposely on a hiatus–  I just never made it back to Snooze once I actually moved to Denver (I had visited Snooze on multiple occasions when I lived in Boulder). In my previous post, I mentioned my parents were in town over the weekend to hang out with me. They stayed at the Crawford Hotel in Union Station, which prides oneself in numerous restaurants and bars– one of those being Snooze! We dined at Snooze on Saturday morning, so it was quite busy. Our wait was about two hours time, which wasn’t too much of an issue because my parents were staying at the Crawford. Be prepared to wait an hour or two if you head to Snooze for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday.


We started out with some delicious Bloodies; my mom and I had Snooze’s Bangkok Bloodies and M had the Boss Hog. The Bangkok Bloodies are a Thai-inspired Bloody, while the Boss Hog is made with bacon-infused Breckenridge Bourbon and the house Bloody mix (that sh*t is ridiculously awesome-tasting). If anyone wanted to know, my dad had a screwdriver. He isn’t the Bloody type. Snooze allows you to mix and match bennies, which is freakin’ awesome. I went with the Bella! Bella! Benny (prosciutto, Taleggio cheese, and poached egg on toasted ciabatta, topped with cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic glaze, and arugula) and the Benny Goodman (lox style salmon and cream cheese with a poached egg on [substituted] English muffin topped with cream cheese hollandaise blended with sun dried tomato and caper relish). I highly recommend heading to Snooze if you haven’t been before or are in Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins on vacation or business. There are also a few locations in California and Arizona. For details on Snooze’s Bangkok Bloody, see below.



Snooze’s Bangkok Bloody looked tasty at the first glance. The Bloody was garnished with a grape tomato, lemon wedge, and a cucumbery-pickle. It was a nice deep red color with spices, along with basil and cilantro leaves, floating throughout. The cocktail glass was rimmed with a tasty spice combination, consisting of red pepper, Sriracha seasonings, and hints of sweetness.


The Bangkok Bloody had a cute little garnish that was not too extravagant. Though it was simple, it worked with this Bloody because honestly… The Bloody tasted Too. Damn. Good. (Which you will read about below). The lemon wedge was dirty (a bit unappetizing), but the tomato and cucumbery-pickle tasted good. I am a big fan of pickles that still hold those characteristics of a cucumber– thus the cucumbery-pickle term results.

SPICE 20/20

This section screams that the Bangkok Bloody is clearly a winner. Snooze’s house Bloody mix, muddled basil and cilantro, lime, fish sauce, and Sriracha gave the Bloody a flavor like no other. It reminded me of my days in Asia and made my tongue tingle with bursts of spice. The muddled basil and cilantro were key to this Bloody; I am a big cilantro fan and thoroughly enjoy it when it’s used in moderation. The fish sauce shined through at certain points, which added more flavor complexity.


The texture of this Bloody was relatively thick, with lots of spices dispersed throughout. The basil and cilantro leaves were muddled and I occasionally got a taste of a leaf through my straw. The Bloody was not very acidic and had a kick to it– a very good kick!


The Bangkok Bloody truly had a unique flavor and an Asian zing. The addition of the muddled cilantro and basil created a deeper flavor profile than other Bloodies that infuse herbal leaves in their mix. The rim seasoning that was created in-house is very delicious and creative, but the garnish could have been improved upon. The colors of Bangkok shined through on this one; if you’re lookin’ to take a quick trip to Asia on a Saturday morning, Snooze would be the place to do it.


Head on over to one of Snooze’s many locations in Colorado, California, or Arizona to have yourself a delicious Bangkok Bloody and some good eats. Snooze (Union Station) is located at:

1701 Wynkoop St. #150, Denver, CO, 80202