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If you find yourself at Denver’s Union Station craving seafood and Bloodies, Stoic & Genuine should be your next stop before you head out into the world on an Amtrak train (or before you head out to the LoDo bars). S&G is the newest restaurant by Denver’s Crafted Concepts Restaurant Group and is notable for its fresh selection of seafood and oysters flown in daily. Executive chef Jennifer Jasinski , who is has won various awards including the James Beard Award for “Best Chef in the Southwest,” creates a menu with compelling flavors that highlight different types of fish and seafood. The new Union Station in downtown Denver is surely a place to go if you haven’t visited yet! It opened in 1881 and was recently restored in 2014; it now boasts the Crawford Hotel, a few restaurants, bars, and a coffee shop (along with an actual train station, of course!).



On Friday evening, M and I met my parents at Stoic & Genuine for their first meal in Colorado of 2016 (yes, I finally got them to come out and visit me after nearly eight months!). We dined outside on the patio which overlooked the fountains and large brick square at Union Station. To start, M and I ordered the sought-after Bloodies which we heard were garnished with a crab leg. We asked our waiter if this was true and he said he would add a crab leg to each of our Bloodies (to our surprise– we thought the crab leg would be included). We ordered a dozen oysters for the four of us to start– the Standard from the East Coast and Genuine from the West Coast… Could you guess which was my favorite? Hint: they were the West Coast oysters by far! I had the halibut for my entree, which was delectable and cooked to perfection. The fish came with lavender honey glazed carrots, hazelnut cream, sugar snap peas and a bed of greens. The resulting flavors were incredible. My mother and M had the Ahi tuna wrapped in NY strip steak, while my father had a pound of crab legs. Everything was great except the crab was a bit underwhelming. But, back to the Bloodies… They were pretty damn tasty. Price-wise, the crab leg addition is going to cost you $11 (for a total of $21 per Bloody), but well-worth it if you want to be a baller for a day. Check out my full review of Stoic & Genuine’s “Best Bloody Mary” below.



Holy sh*t! Stoic & Genuine’s Bloodies looked off the charts. Garnished with a crab leg addition, mini bottle of Tabasco, thin pickle slices, a lemon wedge,  lime wedge, and two green olives, this Bloody was made to please. Large chunks of spices could be seen throughout (especially peppercorns) the deep red-coloured Bloody Mary.


A big ol’ crab leg and mini Tabasco sauce bottle made the garnish go from a C to an A+. Though not the most plentiful garnish, these two additions really made Stoic & Genuine’s Bloody Mary unique. Though the crab leg was an extra $11, it was worth the extra change because.. Who doesn’t want a delectable crab leg in their Bloody? This was my first time enjoying a Bloody garnished with a crab leg and hopefully it won’t be my last. The other classic garnish ingredients served their purpose of adding citrus to the Bloody (lemon and lime) and briney-ness to my mouth (thanks to the olives and pickle slice!).

SPICE 20/20

The flavors of this Bloody delicacy were intricate and seafood-inspired. Peppercorn was tasted throughout, along with notes of sambal (a chili sauce made with shrimp paste, lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, and more) and the perfect amount of spice. The Bloody had a distinct tang, but wasn’t too spicy.


S&G’s Bloody was the perfect thickness, characterized by refreshing liquidity mixed with large chunks of spices to create a full and mouthwatering texture. The Bloody was not acidic at all, nor did I get heartburn after drinking it. That’s surprising because a mini bottle of Tabasco was even dumped into the Bloody– well done Stoic & Genuine!


The flavor and garnish characteristic of Stoic & Genuine’s Bloody were unique. This was my first Bloody Mary I have ever had garnished with a crab leg! Though it was a bit pricy, it really completed the Bloody. The mini Tabasco bottle was super cute and added little bits of hot sauce for flavor throughout the entire time drinking the Bloody. Various spices and sambal evoked a delicious flavor straight from the sea. I’ll be back, S&G!


Head to Denver’s Union Station for a crab leg-adorned Bloody and fresh oysters from Stoic & Genuine. Stoic & Genuine is located at:

1701 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO, 80202