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Bloody Mary Tour Guest Post by Alyssa Pizzolato 

Bloody Mary Tour came back home, to the Northwest ‘Burbs of Chicago! My best friend Jess and I knew we had some searching to do for the BIG.BAD.BLOODY MARY.. That turned heads and filled bellies. A (hangover belly) to be exact 😉 With a night out on the town in good ol’ Lake Zurich with good friends and laughs, we stumbled upon the great “Route 12 Bar and Grill” located in Fox Lake, Illinois. A vibrant hangout featuring craft brews & burgers, plus entertainment such as karaoke & live music. This “building” inparticular has been around for many, many, many years. Switching owners and different names, but “Route 12” is here to stay!


The one and only Alyssa Pizzolato.


You can find this spot by heading north our south on Route 12 (depending on where you’re coming from!).

When we first walked in we saw many smiling faces, and happy people. There was a woman who was making the Bloody Marys– she explained $12 for well vodka– boom baby. Great bang for your buck. You can also upgrade your Bloody to various numbers of different flavored vodka, or if you want that top shelf experience. We on the other hand went with the classic Titos’s. We received a ticket and brought it to the young lady preparing everyone’s long-awaited monster-sized Bloodies. We ordered some pub food, (LIKE WE NEEDED IT) then, BAM. They were ready.. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We were like kids at our first Phish concert. “How in the world did we get this lucky”?! “Where do we start”? “What should we eat first”? It was like a dream come true. We dove right in.. Never looked back! Check out my review of Route 12’s Mega Bloody Mary below.



This badass Bloody never looked so perfect. Served in a giant mug glass, my eyes went every which way. The Bloody was a beautiful piece of art really. It was my first time having a meal and one of my favorite drinks  combined into one masterpiece. Beautifully sculpted, an array of colors, everything looked appetizing. I couldn’t wait another minute. After all, lots of pictures were needed for this special one. I had to soak it all in before I tried it..


OKAY PEOPLE. Buckle up. The Garnishes on this Bloody kick major ass. A generous portion of all the above! First, Garnished with a crispy HOT chicken wing, mini brat with bun, marinated garlic shrimp, cucumber slice, olive, tomato, not one but TWO cheese bricks, not cubes, BRICKS! (Swiss and Pepper Jack) I mean if I didn’t love cheese already, they really nailed it with the spicy and more laid back swiss brick. The beef straw was on point, everybody loves a jerky straw to wash down the delicious sips of their Bloody. Pickles were a nice crunch, always love me some pepperoncini, a slice of pepperoni, and BACON. The bacon was dipped in the Bloody as I always– love my bacon best in my bloodies. A mini slider burger, lemon, mini pepper, celery and chives. Let me point this out. Listen up Sunday Brunchers. Kudos points!!!  All of the hot food that was suppose to be hot in this Bloody Mary was HOT. And I love that about Route 12 Bar and Grill– they are consistent from the first sip you take, from the last bite you eat.

SPICE 18/20

Lots of spices throughout. There were a couple different peppers garnished on this Bloody Mary and I always crack the peppers to create an extra spice. I do that with all of my Bloodies. The best Bloodies are the spicy ones! Towards the bottom of the drink you can see all the spices blend together. I would say the spice was good throughout the whole drink. From beginning to end.


This Bloody Mary had a thin consistency, light and refreshing. Not hard to finish by any means. Route 12 really hit all of the flavors. Their texture is smooth yet subtle… And when the tomato flavors hit the palate of your tongue it really creates the aromas throughout the entire drink all in your mouth.


Everybody needs to make it out to Route 12 Bar and Grill if you’re ever in the area. It is worth the drive. From the people, to the food, to the astonishing Bloody Marys they create, this will become your new Sunday Brunch Home. This Bloody Mary was on my wishlist and I’ve finally crossed it off! I shall return with more friends and family. I love everything about this warm fuzzy place! A+++++ for the art you created in form of a drink. I will never forget the unique, delicious well-thought out Bloody Mary that is bigger than my actual head. Cheers! “I’d tap that” anyday! Bloody Mary Tour loves to come home.


Go visit the home of the Mega Bloody at Route 12, up north on Route 12 in Illinois. Route 12 Bar and Grill is located at:

37540 N. US Hwy Rt. 12, Fox Lake, IL 60020