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I finally got to visit my little sister at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina recently. She’s finishing up her sophomore year and it was due time for me to make a trip to the South. I’ve never been to North Carolina (except for the airports) so I was stoked to spend some time in a different region of the U.S. My trip was short but jam-packed full of delicious food, tangy Bloodies, cool historical sights, and of course, college partying 😉


The Duke Chapel

The Duke campus itself is out of this world. Designed within the realm of Gothic architecture, the buildings make you feel like you are in Harry Potter. A magical chapel is the tallest point on campus; although it’s currently under construction, I was still able to see the beauty and wonder within. Lush green expanses of grass lie between the school buildings and there’s even gorgeous gardens on campus coined the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. The town of Durham is another thing in and of itself– I’ll chat more about it in another blog post featuring some Bloodies found in the actual town of Durham.


Sissy and I at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens


Spring time at Duke University

My Bloody Mary review today brings me to the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club located on Duke’s campus. Boasting over 300 acres of lush greenery outside, the inside of the WA Duke resembles your classic, stuffy hotel– full of dark leather chairs and mahogany wood. I am not one to say I don’t like this vibe at times.. During our visit, it was alumni weekend so my sister and I definitely got thrown a few confused glances during our short stint at the WA Duke. We were even asked if we were the DJs by a drunk alumni only a few years my senior. Nonetheless, we had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous scenery with a Bloody Mary in hand! You can read my full review of the Washington Duke Bloody Mary below.



Washington Duke’s Bloody Mary appeared small, but looked like your classic Bloody garnished with a lime wedge. The cocktail was a bright red in color and you could a decent amount of spices floating throughout.


The garnish consisted solely of a lime wedge at the Washington Duke. I deem this the “minimalist classy look” found in Bloodies from your usual expensive hotel lobbies and golf courses.

SPICE 17/20

This Bloody Mary was spiced and flavored like your classic Bloody Mary, with heavier notes of celery seed and lemon. The spices created a complex and tangy flavor.


WA Duke’s Bloody was very light and refreshing. It was a bit acidic and left a burning sensation in my throat at times.. I didn’t even ask for it spicy!


The Bloody at the Washington Duke was not very unique for its relatively higher price tag of $10.75. My sister and I did go here for the scenery though– not just to have a Bloody– so when you tie in the location, the Bloody is a bit more unique 😉


Next time you’re visiting Durham or Duke University, be sure to stop by the Washington Duke for a Bloody or a bite to eat. Though the price and size of the Bloody may not be the best, you can’t beat the views of a luscious green golf course in the South! The WA Duke is located at:

3001 Cameron Blvd, Durham, NC 27705