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The District Denver is located near the heart of 17th Avenue and boasts a decorative dining room, as well as a large outdoor patio. M and I decided to try The District due to the great reviews I have read about their Bloody Marys. I cheated (of course) and looked up the Bloody details online prior to having brunch. I was in awe at the 32 oz. size and use of pepper-infused moonshine instead of vodka.


Upon arrival at The District, M and I were promptly seated at a booth inside. I ordered the Ultimate District Bloody Mary of course, along with the District Burrito for my brunch dish. The District Burrito was fresh and delicious– full of bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, black beans, onions, and peppers, smothered in pork green chili. The breakfast burrito was big and filling, but not heavy (big plus for The District cooking up a mean breakfast burrito that didn’t leave me couch-laden!). The Ultimate District Bloody Mary was another ball game– check out the details below!



Wow!!!! Was my first impression of the Ultimate District Bloody Mary. It was served in a 32. oz mason jar and garnished with all the goodies– bacon, shrimp, a huge piece of fried chicken, pepperoncinis, celery, lemon, a pickle, and lots of olives on a huge skewer. The ingredients were quite abundant. Many spices were dispersed throughout the classic red-colored cocktail.


The garnish looked pretty darn amazing (especially for such a great price!) and tasted amazing too. All garnish ingredients were presented in an aesthetically-pleasing fashion upon skewers– briney veggies on one and meat and seafood on the other. Creativity was clearly in the mind of whoever crafted up this garnish… Who doesn’t love bacon, fried chicken, and shrimp with their Bloody?!

SPICE 19/20

The spice within the Ultimate District Bloody was close to perfection. The pepper-infused moonshine gave the cocktail a nice depth of heat, while not being too spicy in a burning sense. The ability to create heat without burning is where Bloody Marys graduate from good to great– The District has it down! The layers of spice and flavor within the Bloody were complex and tasty, but were not overdone in any sense.


The Bloody’s texture was perfect as well and it went down quite easily. The Bloody was not acidic at all and I didn’t get heartburn– again, achieving this state with the intense level of spice present in the Bloody is amazing!


The Ultimate District Bloody was very innovative due to the use of housemade pepper-infused moonshine instead of the usual use of vodka. The garnish was also unique and included three different types of meat and seafood, which is a huge plus! The giant piece of fried chicken was so tasty. For the meager price of $10.50, the Ultimate District Bloody is definitely the most bountiful I have seen in Denver in terms of garnish ingredients, whopping 32 oz. size, and use of three shots of moonshine! The mason jar was perfect for presentation as well. I think this may be my new favorite Bloody Mary in Denver! A++++


If you’re in Denver and looking for the best Bloody you can get your hands on, head over to The District! The District is located at:

1320 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO, 80218