MPreview2Today I will be introducing you to Motherlode Provisions’ Bloody Mary mix if you haven’t heard of it before. I have seen this mix on store shelves in specialty grocery stores for some time now (think Whole Foods) and have always wanted to get my hands on a bottle. Motherlode Provisions started out after the Fourmile Canyon Fire in Boulder circa 2010 out of fundraising efforts for fire victims. Interestingly enough, the fall of 2010 was my first season spent living in the state of Colorado (Boulder to be exact) and I remember vividly how the wildfire affected so many people and their homes during that fateful September. The founders of Motherlode Provisions actually had to leave their home and possessions during the fire; they then decided to host a benefit BBQ with pork, beef, and homemade barbeque sauce to help out their neighbors. The barbeque sauce was so popular with everyone in attendance that Motherlode Provisions came to fruition. Now the company boasts several barbeque and hot sauces, along with their award-winning Bloody Mary mix. Motherlode graciously sent me a bottle of their Bloody Mary mix to try, along with some Rocky Mountain Hot Sauce. And let me tell you, both the Bloody Mary mix and Rocky Mountain Hot Sauce are amazing. The hot sauce is unique in flavor and constitutes a bold punch to any food, while the Bloody Mary mix is a separate game in and of itself. Check out my full review below!


Drinking Motherlode Provisions’ Bloody Mary mix during the crazy March snowstorm in Colorado.


Water, tomato puree, apple cider vinegar, hot sauce, molasses, carrot juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, lime juice concentrate, toasted onion, jalapenos, sea salt, dehydrated minced garlic, spices (Ancho chile pepper, paprika, New Mexico chile powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt).

Key Notes

Characterized by a spicy-but-sweet Western tang and memories of the mountains. A local Colorado mix made in Gold Hill after the Fourmile Canyon Fire devastated many people and their homes in 2010. The mix was started on great intentions.

What Differentiates Motherlode Provisions’ Bloody Mary Mix From Other Bloody Mary Mixes?

MPreviewMotherlode Provisions’ Bloody mix is unique due to its complex layers of spice and sweetness. The mix contains many spices– from Ancho chile pepper to paprika– allowing for flavor depth that makes each sip burst with zestiness. I like the Rocky Mountain style of the mix and enjoy how it really brings your mind and palette into the West, whether or not you are actually there. Even though most proprietors who make Bloody Mary mix also make hot sauce, Motherlode’s mix really evokes a nice hot sauce flavor of its own style that is truly bold.

From the Looks of It

Motherlode Provisions’ Bloody Mary mix is adorned with a Western-style label consisting of an old miner and his pickaxe in a black and gold color theme. The label is sharp and truly tells Motherlode’s Colorado story without saying much. I also like the shape of the bottle and the thickness of the glass– it seems like it could make it through anything! Upon doing the shake test, I saw large chunks of various spices throughout the bottle of mix.

Taste Test

Prior to making Bloodies, I did a taste test of the mix. I uncovered that the mix has a nice kick, but is not too spicy. It is more of a traditional mix inspired by both the West and hot sauce, containing many different spices. I loved the the addition of molasses because it twists in some sweetness.

The Bloodies

MPotherI made Bloodies for M and I using Motherlode Provisions’ mix, some vodka I had lying around, and ice. I garnished each Bloody with two thick cuts of maple bacon, pickles, and marbled white cheese. I rimmed the glasses with Demitri’s RimShot! And oh my wow… The Bloodies were so delicious. The cocktails were very chunky and thick, which made me feel really good. The Bloodies were hearty and full of veggies, while the contrast of spicy and sweet could be noticed within every sip.

So how was it?

Motherlode Provisions’ Bloody Mary mix was pretty close to perfect in my eyes. The ratio of the spices to tomato to hot sauce is wonderful and creates an impeccable balance for your next Bloody Mary. I love this mix because it was made with love for a great cause– and of course because it’s local for us Front Range Coloradans. What I most loved is the mix’s Rocky Mountain/Western style, wherein you do not want to add any other ingredients (except for thick cut bacon, pickles, and cheese of course!).

Check out Motherlode Provisions here to try some Rocky Mountain style Bloody Mary mix and other delicious products.