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I had to bring ya’ll this next review before ski season ends! If you plan to make it up to Steamboat before winter’s end– even though it feels like winter has ended in the Colorado Front Range due to all of this nice weather and never ending days of sunshine– then you have to make it up to Four Points Lodge at Steamboat Resort. The lodge is located at 9,716 feet atop Storm Peak so get ready for some insane views of the mountain and deliciously fresh Bloodies. As I mentioned in my last review of Thunderhead Red’s at Steamboat Resort, there is a Bloody Mary competition going on between eight different bars at the resort and you can vote for your favorite after you try them all. Did I mention you get a free badass T-shirt when you vote too? You can read all the juicy details about the Four Points Lodge Bloody Mary in my review below. Steamboat closes Sunday, April 10th so make sure you get your booty up there ASAP before the season’s over.






The Four Points Lodge Bloody was beautiful and bountiful! Garnished with bacon, pepper jack cheese, an olive, pepperoncini, pickled green bean, lime, and stalk of celery, this Bloody looked like it was sure to fill me up on that cold winter day when I needed some boozy energy the most (snowboarding is an insane workout!). The cocktail was deep red in color and had some enticing bacon salt on the glass rim. Many spices were dispersed throughout the cocktail.


All of the garnish ingredients looked and tasted delicious. The bacon was perfectly crisp and went along nicely with the bacon salt on the glass rim. I am always a fan of anything pickled, so the pickled green bean was a nice touch. The garnish had the right amount of everything from meat to cheese to veggies!

SPICE 19/20

The Bloody at Four Points Lodge was your classic traditional Bloody in terms of spice. It was really tasty and didn’t have an intense zing to it, which is a good contrast to all of the insanely spiced Bloodies I have been drinking lately. I loved the fresh flavor and you could tell this Bloody wasn’t weighed down with too much hot sauce (not that I don’t like hot sauce, I just hate when Bloodies taste solely of hot sauce).


The Bloody was of a perfect thickness– not too thick, but thick enough. It wasn’t acidic at all and went down easily with no heartburn involved!


I loved the garnishes that were chosen for this Bloody because they brought a lil’ somethin’ from each food category. Bacon is always a plus! The freshness of the mix and the overall flavor of the cocktail was a good change from the average Bloodies that have been poured down my throat lately. Though there was no infused vodka like the Bloody at Thunderhead Red’s, this one still tasted damn good!


Grab a Bloody at 9,716 feet while you’re gazing over mountaintops at Four Points Lodge in Steamboat.