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Photo By: Chelsea Beck

Today I will be reviewing Bloody Mary mixes from a Southern sauce enterprise called Ashburn Sauce Company. Ashburn Sauce Co. hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and started out as solely a sauce company– their first product launched was Bucking Willy’s Sassy BBQ Sauce back in the ’90s! Now Ashburn Sauce Co. makes an array of different products from BBQ sauce to hot sauce to BLOODY MARY MIX (actually, four Bloody mixes to be exact). An employee at Ashburn sent me three of their mixes to try (Clammy, Crabby, and Sassy), along with cocktail sauce, BBQ sauce, and salsa. Can you say STOKED?! This may have been my favorite product package sent to date because not only do I love Bloodies, but I love food and all of the sauces and marinades that are necessary to make some dishes amazing. Willard Ashburn, creator of Ashburn Sauce Co., is a culinary genius and his knowledge used to make delicious sauces also shines through in his ability to create a damn good Bloody Mary mix. My favorite mix by Ashburn has to be the award-winning Sassy Mary mix, but the Clammy and Crabby mixes were also amazing and unique in flavor. I unfortunately did not get to try their Porky Mary mix– that’s next on the list!


Photo By: Chelsea Beck


Clammy Mary: water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, 100% ocean clam juice, Lea & Perrin Worcestershire sauce, 100% real lemon juice, hot sauce, sea salt, beef base, sugar, citric acid, black pepper, celery seed, onion powder, celery salt, and other spices

Crabby Mary: tomato juice, ketchup, 100% ocean clam juice, horseradish, Lea & Perrin Worcestershire sauce, 100% lemon juice, hot sauce, sea salt, 100% all natural beef broth, 100% blue crab base (sauteed crab meat, crabstock, crab roe, lobster extract, salt, corn oil, sugar, water, butter), citric acid, shrimp powder, black pepper, celery seed, onion powder, and other spices

Sassy Mary: water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, 100% real lemon juice, hot sauce, Lea & Perrin Worcestershire sauce, sea salt, beef base, onion powder, sugar, yellow mustard, garlic salt, celery seed, black pepper, 100% natural crushed garlic, citric acid, celery salt, and other spices

Key Notes

Clammy Mary: A definite clammy flavor that makes you feel like you are drinking a Caesar straight out of the ocean. It’s got that “ocean love,” baby.

Crabby Mary: A truly unique taste that is accentuated by the addition of the 100% Blue Crab Base (which includes sauteed crab meat, crabstock, crab roe, lobster extract) and shrimp powder. A nice mix for seafood aficionados.

Sassy Mary: A popping flavor that is complex with notes of garlic, pepper, and celery seed.

What differentiates Ashburn Sauce Company’s Bloody Mary Mixes From Other Bloody Mary Mixes?

Ashburn Sauce Company’s Bloody Mary mixes are all quite different and each mix has a distinct flavor palate with freshness ringing through. These are the first mixes I have tried that contain ketchup as an ingredient, which ends up adding a little sweetness to each mix. The Ashburn mixes also have the addition of a beef base or broth to add flavor depth.

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From the Looks of It

Each bottle of Ashburn Bloody mix had its own design relative to the taste-theme. There was a big blue crab on the Crabby Mary, a clam on the Clammy Mary, and some peppers on the Sassy Mary. The names were done in a cursive font, which added some class to the bottle design. I loved how each bottle looked. Each bottle also looked full of spices when I did the shake test!

Taste Test

I did a taste test of each mix from Ashburn Sauce Company prior to making cocktails with the mixes.

Clammy Mary: The Clammy Mary is pretty clammy, but really good if you are a fan of clam juice. It’s a lighter mix with citrusy notes.

Crabby Mary:The Crabby Mary has a very distinct flavor profile full of tang and memories of the sea. This mix is a bit thicker. I have never tried a mix (well, until this one!) that is made with crabstock. I’d honestly never heard of crabstock before either.

Sassy Mary: The Sassy Mary is OH MY GOD AMAZING! The addition of fresh garlic and mustard in the mix creates a unique flavor that is honestly heavenly. This mix is on the thicker side.


The Bloodies & Caesars

I made a lot of different Bloodies/Caesars over the course of two days using Ashburn Sauce Company’s mixes. The first night, I made some Bloodies and Caesars garnished with shrimp, bacon, marinated artichokes, white cheddar cheese, pickle slices, and bleu cheese-stuffed olives. To make the cocktails, I filled up pint glasses ¾ full with ice and then poured a shot of vodka into each glass.

Clammy Mary: The Caesars made with the Clammy Mary mix were absolutely delicious. The mix has a subtler but saltier taste than the other mixes and can be characterized by its “out of the water” taste. Since it’s made with 100% real clam juice, there’s not a fake clammy/seafood taste that you may find in other Caesar mixes.

Crabby Mary: The Bloody made with the Crabby Mary mix was hearty and bursting with tanginess. There cocktail had a little bite and reminds me of a more traditional Bloody mix. The hot sauce added piquant heat to each sip.

Sassy Mary: The Sassy Mary I made was indeed full of sass! The addition of fresh garlic in the mix really added a nice kick to the cocktail and each sip was full of flavor. Honestly, it may have been one of the most flavor-defining mixes I have had to date. I am a big, big fan of the Sassy Mary mix!


Photo By: Chelsea Beck

So how were the mixes?

All of Ashburn Sauce Company’s mixes were distinctly different and really awesome. If you’re a fan of Bloody Caesars, the Clammy Mary mix is for you. Since it’s made with 100% real clam juice, it tastes like “you’re sitting on the boardwalk!” says Marli, my roommate who also tasted the mixes with me. The Clammy Mary is a bit saltier than both the Crabby and Sassy Mary mixes and is obviously geared toward Caesar lovers. The Crabby Mary mix is nice and chunky and works well if you are making a seafood Bloody adorned with crab legs, shrimp, etc. It’s more reminiscent of a traditional Bloody mix and has tangy notes. Last but not least, we have the Sassy Mary mix which was my personal favorite.  It was full of complex flavors and had strong notes of garlic and pepper. I could drink the Sassy Mary mix everyday– it really is mouthwatering!

I highly recommend trying out one of Ashburn Sauce Co’s mixes for your next Bloody Mary fix. Check out their full list of products here.