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Powdery peaks, white skies, pine trees covered in fluffy glory… The mountain air filling my lungs and body with “eternal joy and everlasting splendor…” And the best Bloodies around to warm anyone up on a cold winter day. That’s Steamboat for ya, folks. It really is a gem of a ski resort. I was up there a few weeks with M, snowboarding for (most likely) my only time this season. M used to live up there a few years back and his brother and some friends still do, so going up to Steamboat is always a good time for us. One day I hope I’d be able to live in Steamboat or another mountain town, but that city girl in my always pulls back…

Upon our arrival at the top of the mountain via the gondola, M realized he had to run back down to the bottom to grab something. I decided to head into the Thunderhead Lodge and have myself a late morning Bloody Mary at Red’s Bar! I apparently stumbled into the right place because I saw a large container of house-infused vodka and a sign with two enticing Bloody options. I went with the more extravagant “Breakfast Bloody.” I later found out there is a Bloody Mary competition going on at Steamboat during the ski season, wherein the participant must drink a Bloody from eight different places on the mountain and then vote at the end for their favorite (there’s a free T-shirt thrown in there too). I wasn’t rich enough to partake in the challenge in one day, so I highly recommend participating if you live in Steamboat or will be there multiple times this winter. You may want to finish your Bloody Mary-drinking rendezvous with the Thunderhead Red’s Bar’s Breakfast Bloody— for reasons you will read below!



Wow! That was my first impression of Red’s Bar’s Breakfast Bloody Mary. Garnished to the max with a pickled egg, maple bacon, Swiss cheese cube, cocktail onion, olive, pepperoncini, pickled green bean, tomato, cucumber slice, lemon, and lime, this Bloody was sure to please. The glass was rimmed with a tangy pepper/salt mixture and spices were seen floating throughout the bright red Bloody.


The Breakfast Bloody’s garnish game was on point. This was my first time trying a pickled egg– and oh my gosh! They are something else and quite delicious. The maple bacon was a nice compliment to the spicy Bloody (spicy + sweet = my favorite combo), while the rest of the garnish ingredients were tasty. The garnish was presented in an attractive fashion, with the pickled egg hanging off the side in a little shot glass attachment. The Breakfast Bloody encompassed an innovative idea of “breakfast in a glass”– I mean, even though every Bloody I have is usually my breakfast in a glass– this one took that idea a step further 😉

SPICE 20/20

The spice of Red’s Breakfast Bloody was pretty much perfect. It tasted delicious and the mixture between the house-infused vodka and the spices used in the Bloody mix created a deep and complex flavor. I kept thinking “fresh outta the garden” when I was drinking it. Notable spices were big chunks of pepper and celery salt.


The Breakfast Bloody was light in texture and very refreshing. No acidity was present.


In terms of creativity, the Breakfast Bloody was quite unique and consisted of many things that score points in this category. The house-infused vodka made with tomatoes, lemons, and pepperoncinis gave the Bloody fresh notes of springtime, while the mix itself was full of flavor. The delicious pickled egg in the shot glass attachment was the icing on the cake (or the egg on the Bloody!) and added to the original look of the cocktail. And, you can never go wrong with maple bacon!


Grab a Breakfast Bloody at Thunderhead Red’s Bar, right off of the upper gondola terminal at Steamboat Ski Resort. Your taste buds and belly are sure to be pleased!