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All in all, Bloody Mary Tour Milwaukee was a huge success. My honest take away from the tour is that Milwaukee is the best city for Bloodies. Not only are the prices right (you get way more bang for your buck than you would out here in Denver, for example), but the taste and quality of each Bloody I tried was superior to most I have had before. Every Milwaukee Bloody consumed was garnished with innovative foods and served with a sidecar of beer. I can now attribute the delectable foods of summer sausage, cheese, and shrimp (on top of a Bloody of course) with my visit to Brew City. Now, although each MKE Bloody was amazing, I am going to rank them in order of their ratings and include a few select details to help you find your next Milwaukee Bloody Mary.


Bloody Mary topped with cheese whips at The Wicked Hop

Gold: The Lobby Lounge at Pfister Hotel takes the grand prize with the only (ever) Bloody Mary Tour rating of 100/100. Key notes were freshness of the mix and a plethora of veggies and other garnish ingredients to set you right. The mix has been being made for 30+ years, so no surprise here.

Silver: Sobelman’s wins second place with a rating of 99/100. Pretty damn close to the gold winner, Sobelman’s mix has a Cajun kick and some of the most ridiculous (-ly awesome) garnishes I have seen in my entire life. If you’re up for it, get the “Bloody Beast” topped with an entire fried chicken.

Bronze: AJ Bomber’s comes in third with a rating of 94/100 and is characterized by its close semblance to an actual burger (mustard, anyone?) and its garnish.. which is a burger topped with melted muenster and wrapped in bacon!

Honorable Mention: The Wicked Hop gets an honorable mention for a rating of 89/100 (which is still very high!). The Wicked Hop’s mix is thick and filling, while the garnish is incredibly unique with its addition of cheese whips.

To conclude, I recommend getting your booty to Milwaukee ASAP to try the best Bloodies you may ever have. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂