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Frankie_CloseFrankie V’s Kitchen hails from Dallas, Texas and is the maker of various hot sauces, salsas, spreads, and.. You guessed it.. Bloody Mary mixes! I was lucky enough to receive some samples of Frankie’s Green Mary Mix and Scary Mary Mix a few weeks back. I’ve been becoming a bigger and bigger fan of green Bloody mixes as of recent, so I was super stoked to try out his Green Mary Mix made with green tomatoes and tomatillos. I was also excited to try the Scary Mary Mix because I believe anyone who can make a good hot sauce can indeed make a good Bloody mix! Anyways, all of Frankie’s products are made in small batches and with organic ingredients. Each mix is made with one of Frankie V’s hot sauces, which evokes a true Southern twist and that hot sauce heat! I found both mixes taste refreshingly new and unlike any other mixes I have had before. My favorite was the Green Mary Mix, but the Scary Mary Mix was hardly second best.



Green Mary: green tomatoes, organic lime juice, 1888 olive juice, organic tomatillos, organic garlic, organic celery, organic onion, worcestershire sauce, FVK wasabi green Thai chili hot sauce, organic wasabi powder, organic raw agave nectar, raw horseradish, organic pepper, sea salt.

Scary Mary: organic tomatoes, Worcestershire Sauce, organic evaporated cane juice, salt, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic ginger puree, Organic Tamarin, organic chili pepper, organic garlic powder, xanthan gum, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic allspice, organic cloves, organic orange extract, organic lemon extract, natural smoke flavor, natural onion flavor, organic lemon juice, organic lime juice, organic celery juice, horseradish, olive juice, organic brown sugar, hot sauce, organic black pepper, Himalayan salt, organic garlic powder.

Key Notes

Green Mary: The key note is a lightness of summertime with the use of green tomatoes, tomatillos, and fresh-pressed olive juice in the mix. The Thai chili hot sauce adds Southeast Asian heat, which I LOVE!

Scary Mary: Scary Mary’s defining note is a Southern-style/Texas flavor that reminds me of a tasty hot sauce– aka tangy and delicious.

What Differentiates Frankie V’s Bloody Mary Mixes From Other Bloody Mary Mixes?

Both Frankie V’s Green Mary and Scary Mary mixes are so unique in their own rite. Each mix’s flavor is refreshingly “new” and unique because both mixes are crafted with Frankie V’s hot sauce– the Green Mary with Wasabi Green Thai Chili and the Scary Mary with Spooky White Hot Sauce– which adds flavor and intensity, along with that Southern twang! These mixes truly exemplify amazing flavor palettes that create a nice depth of flavors. The addition of fresh-pressed juices in each mix mean brightness in each sip.


From the Looks of It

From the first glance, I was pretty excited to try both of Frankie V’s mixes. The Green Mary mix’s lid was even coated with wax! Now that is a classic beauty folks. The labels are old-school and have the lady “Mary” from the olden days on them. Both mixes looked full of spices when I did the shake test.

Taste Test

I did a taste test of both Frankie V’s Green Mary mix and Scary Mary mix prior to making Bloody Marys.

Green Mary: During the taste test, the Green Mary definitely tasted different, but a good different that was modern and refreshing. The flavor is definitely one I have not really tasted before. There were hints of sweetness and spicyness, which reminds me of late spring and summertime. The Wasabi Green Thai Chili Sauce contributed a very pronounced flavor that brought me back to my days in Southeast Asia. The combination of sweet and salty is wonderful. The mix has a bit of a kick, but is relatively medium heat-wise. The Green Mary mix has a sweet smell.

Scary Mary: As mentioned in previous categories, the Scary Mary mix has a distinct Southern hot sauce tang to it, which lingered in the back of my throat and is definitely a step up in heat from the Green Mary mix. The Spooky White Hot Sauce addition absolutely adds intensity to this mix. Scary Mary smells like a classic red Bloody Mary mix and I could get a whiff of the heat within the mix!


The Bloodies

I made four total Bloodies– two made with the Green Mary mix and two made with the Scary Mary mix. I filled each glass ¾ full with ice, poured roughly one shot into each, and filled the rest of the glasses with either mix. I rimmed each glass with Demitri’s RimShot! and added some cocktail onions, cherry tomatoes, and olives as a garnish. Details about each mix can be read below.

Green Mary: The Bloodies made with this mix were fingerlickin’ good with lots of citrus notes. The Wasabi Green Thai Chili sauce brings about a unique flavor that constrasts with the subtle sweetness of the mix. Lime + agave + tomatillos + green tomatoes (which are sweeter than red tomatoes!) = a beautiful depth of refreshing flavors that is quite innovative.

Scary Mary: The Scary Mary Bloodies were wonderfully Southern. Lots of tomato flavor (obviously), celery and olive juice hints, and the heat from the Spooky White Hot Sauce. Throughout my drinking, the heat started to come out of my nose! That means spicy people. The tangy Scary Mary mix reminds me a lot of hot sauce (and hey, it was made by a company that also makes hot sauces), which is unique and tasty.

** Both mixes are of a light texture and brightness is added to each with the pressed juices and flavorful hot sauces.

So how were the mixes?

Both Frankie V’s Green Mary and Scary Mary mixes were different than any other mix I have ever tried. The mixes tasted great and were seemingly refreshing and full of new flavors. The Green Mary mix had a touch of sweetness to it that reminds of of spring and summertime, while the addition of the Wasabi Green Thai Chili Sauce gives it a Southeast Asian twist. The Scary Mary is reminiscent of Southern days and tangy hot sauce, with a kick that makes it perfect for spice aficionados.

If you are interested in purchasing some of Frankie V’s awesome Bloody Mary mixes, click here. Frankie V’s Kitchen also has some good looking hot sauces, salsas, and spreads for your next party (Superbowl, anyone?).