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If you know me, you know I love local products with their own twang. Hailing from the Colorado Front Range is a company called Bolder Beans who specializes in– you guessed it– pickled green beans and other pickled things! Bolder Beans has also recently dived into the Bloody Mary mix world with an eclectic product called Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer.


I first set my eyes on a jar of Rogue’s Bolder Beans in May last year when I was browsing the supermarket aisles for new and creative Bloody Mary garnishes. I ended up bringing the beans to a Colorado music festival to top my homemade Bloodies and they were a hit! Rogue Edwards, owner of Bolder Beans, was kind enough to send me a holiday sampler pack a few weeks ago so I could try Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXEr and some other Bolder Beans products (hot and medium Bolder Beans; Bolder MixUp containing pickled carrots, mushrooms, green beans, and cauliflower). Rogue started crafting his pickled green beans back in the early 2000s after a visit to New Orleans where he tasted a green bean garnish that had room for improvement. Over the years, he perfected his recipe and started gifting jars of beans to family and friends. On the Bolder Beans website, he notes that his “grandfather had taught [him] that good food always makes people smile” and there the idea was born.  Then he unleashed Bolder Beans to the rest of the world.


I love Bolder Beans because each product label contains a face of the American West– of a land representing dreams and the unknown which could be coined America’s true land of freedom. One label is adorned with Rogue’s grandfather who inspired the cowboy/Western-style labels in the first place.


Bolder Beans now makes pickled garlic, mushrooms, a veggie MixUp, and Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer Bloody Mary mix. Although I have written a detailed review about Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer below, you should also know that Rogue’s original Bolder Beans and Bolder MixUp are also amazing and the perfect garnish for your next Bloody Mary. I have yet to try the pickled garlic, but it looks damn good too 😉 Bolder Beans has won numerous Scovie awards– Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer won four by itself!

As a side note and tip, the pickled Bolder Beans make a stirrer for a Bloody too (especially in a short glass!). It will also add a little more of that pickled vinegar flavor to the cocktail.



Water, tomato puree (made with vine ripened tomatoes), red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, fresh Anaheim chilies, celery seed, lime juice, granulated onion, hot sauce, fresh Serrano chilies, kosher salt, organic agave nectar, granulated garlic, black pepper.

Key Notes

The key notes in Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer are the hot notes of fresh chili peppers and a subtle vinegary flavor that reminds me of pickled goodness (Bolder Beans did start out as a pickling company!). The mix has a fresh taste and is “straight out of Colorado”– both literally (location-wise) and figuratively in terms of flavor.

What Differentiates Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer From Other Bloody Mary Mixes?

Bolder Beans’ Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer stands out to me because the flavors are truly unique and produce a zest like none other. The fresh pepper infusions and use of agave nectar further that original taste, which is complimented by the use of red wine vinegar. This is the first mix I have tried that uses red wine vinegar and I think it can be attributed to the fact that Bolder Beans started out as a pickled green bean company. Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer also contains all natural ingredients, is free of high fructose corn syrup, and is made with good ol’ vine ripened tomatoes– meaning optimal quality tomatoes! I am also a big fan of local companies– Bolder Beans is a town over from me– and companies that scream homemade when you try their product.

From the Looks of It

Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer has an old-school label adorned with a cute cowgirl from the olden days– most likely named Mary! I just have to say it again, but the mix looks… So. Coloradical. After doing a little bottle shake, I could tell the mix has a nice consistency to it and is filled with many spices (most noticeable spices were nice hunks of celery seed and black pepper).

Taste Test

Before I crafted a Bloody Mary, I sipped a small glass of Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer on its own (sans vodka and ice). It was very tangy at the first sip and I could definitely taste vinegar hints, reminding me of the flavor within a jar of Rogue’s pickled Bolder Beans or a “pickle-y” taste. The mix has a little kick to it, but not one that makes you actually kick yourself afterwards. There’s a subtle linger of heat that hits the back of your throat… The mix smelled nice and peppery. After the taste test, I couldn’t wait to toss in the mix with some booze, ice, and pickled things!


The Bloody Mary

Instructions on the side of the Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer bottle recommended “4 parts FiXXer + 1 part vodka + add ice + stir,” which I decided to somewhat follow. I filled a glass ¾ full with ice, poured in about a shot and a half of New Amsterdam (my go-to vodka because it’s decently priced and tastes good), filled the rest of the glass with Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer, and stirred. I rimmed the glass with Heritage Fare Greens Seasoning because I wanted to stay in line with veggie and green beans theme I had ingrained in my mind… I, of course, garnished the Bloody with Rogue’s Bolder Beans (hot and medium) and some veggies from Rogue’s Bolder MixUp (pickled cauliflower, carrot, and mushroom). The Bloody tasted delicious and stayed true to the pickled and briny taste I mentioned in the taste test section. I experienced some chunky spices as I sipped on the Bloody– nothing like a hearty mix. Mary’s Mornin’ MiXXer is southwestern in flavor due to the brightness of the fresh Anaheim and Serrano chilies, along with the lime juice. It’s an eclectic mix with a little kick and is very unique in its own rite…. It’s “not your usual mix.”

So how was it?

If I could describe Mary’s Mornin’ MiXXer in a short phrase it would be a “southwestern-style mix with notes of fresh chilies, agave nectar, and lime in tune with the classic ingredients found in a Bloody Mary mix.” The freshness of the ingredients is notable and depth of the flavor will have you begging for more. The mix is ideal for those who like a little spring in their step spice-wise and for those who enjoy a nice southwestern flavor with a pickled tang. If you’re more of a mild person, this mix may be a little too spicy for you.

Check out Bolder Beans’ website which includes the full company history (it’s a fun read), recipes, and products for purchase. I am really interested in branching out into the martini world and trying the Dirty Bolder Martini recipe with some Bolder Bean brine.