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Milwaukee & Beautiful Lake Michigan. Photo Cred: Dilemma-x.net

I’m heading home for the holidays– back to the good ol’ midwest where I was born and raised. As Bloody Mary Tour’s FIRST anniversary is in January, what better way to celebrate a year of greatness than to head up north to Milwaukee to try some of the best Bloody Marys around? Any Bloody fan knows Milwaukee (and Wisconsin in general) is the Bloody Mary capital, where bars boast full fried chickens as a garnish and every Bloody is served with a sidecar of beer. Most Milwaukee Bloodys I see in photos or hear about are honestly ridiculous– in a good way. I was 18 when I left the midwest for Colorado and never got the chance to make a trip up to Wisconsin to try my Bloody luck. So, this weekend I’ll be heading up to the land of cheese and hair-of-the-dog cocktails to find the best Bloodys in Milwaukee. Sure, there’s a billion lists out there already and websites detailing various MKE  Bloodys, but for Bloody Mary Tour, this is more of a pilgrimage… A rite of passage so to say.

And with that, I present you my wishlist of the top 5 Bloodys I have found on the interwebs in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.



Burger-licious Bloody at AJ Bombers. Photo Cred: Eater.com

AJ Bombers is a well-known burger joint in Brew City and their Bloody looks pretty damn good too . Apparently this Bloody has Burger-like aspects to it– such as the addition of mustard within the actual mix and a sliver of (muenster) cheeseburger wrapped in bacon as the garnish– and the mix is indeed homemade. I’m all about Bloodys that attempt to recreate a food item within their flavors… Remember my Wisco Bloody recipe? That had mustard in it too, in an attempt to recreate the flavors of Wisconsin 😉



Variety of Bloodys at Sobelman’s. Photo Cred: Johnrieber.com

I have to go to Sobelman’s because friends and family have sent me the damn picture of the full fried chicken garnish one too many times. This way, they’ll see I have been there, tried the Bloody, rated it, and taken a picture with it… And then they’ll leave me alone! I’m only kidding though. Sobelman’s has been awarded best Bloody many times, by many sources. It’s only in true Bloody Mary Tour tradition that I tour to one of the top rated spots. Besides the fried chicken masterpiece, they have a Bloody called the Baconado with some sort of skewer tower boasting jalapeno cheeseballs wrapped in bacon.. I must try.



Them whips! Photo Cred: Lacey Muszynski/Seriouseats.com

Two words: mozzarella whips. Wisconsin is well-known for their delicious cheese and this Bloody Mary from The Wicked Hop is garnished with these cheese whips. The Bloody is also garnished with shrimp, a beef stick, and a good old pickle (to name just a few garnish ingredients). It’s served with a sidecar of Lakefront Riverwest Stein– so Wisconsin! I imagine myself dipping the whips into the Bloody Mary for a nice tomato and cheese flavor combo….



Shrimp included. Photo Cred: Lacey Muszynski/Thrillist.com

I want to go to the Lobby Lounge at the Pfister because I’ve heard a lady named Valerie has been crafting the mix for over 30 years, which means the people must love it! From other reviews, citrus notes are mentioned within the mix and the Bloody has won numerous awards including the Grand Champion at Milwaukee’s Bloody Mary challenge! I’m all for classy hotel lounges too so I am looking forward to the ambiance.



Bloodys at Cafe Centraal– the Milwaukeean, Southsider, and Frenchie. Photo Cred: Gary Porter/GPorter@Journalsentinel.com

The Milwaukeean Bloody Mary from Cafe Centraal sounds absolutely delicious. Made with Rehorst Vodka straight outta Milwaukee and offering horseradish, bacon, cheese, and beer, this Bloody sounds right up my alley. The other Bloody Mary that sounds really appealing to me (maybe even a tie with the Milwaukeean?) is the Frenchie, which boasts French vodka, Dijon mustard, and bleu cheese stuffed olive.. Oui, oui, anyone?

These choices are the top of my wishlist, but there’s plenty of other Bloody spots in Milwaukee I would like to try. Too bad I don’t have a week there so I can really get into the nitty gritty of Brew City’s Bloody scene, but a day should do. I could always try to drink as many as possible in a day…. But no one wants to blackout on the other side of the border 😉 If you have any favorite Milwaukee Bloody spots that I may have missed, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to squeeze it in.