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Nothin’ like eyeballs for breakfast! (Photo source: forhangovers.com)

I’m a person who relishes in trying culinary delicacies of different places around the world– not matter how weird or taboo they may seem. My dream job is to be whatever Anthony Bourdain is… Culinary explorer, eater of rare and bizarre foods, and traveler of the road less traveled (I guess I’m thinking of holding the occupation he holds in “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”). Food has been bringing people together for centuries now and many culinary customs of traditional cultures have not changed all that much throughout time. A main thought I have taken away when dining in other countries is many people around the world eat all parts of the animal– from the stomach to valve tissue– foreign cultures tend not to waste anything.

So today I bring you the Mongolian Mary. A hangover remedy from Outer Mongolia, the Mongolian Mary is tomato juice served with pickled sheep eyeballs. Not only are eyeballs super high in antioxidants, but they may help you “see” the other side of that hangover by delivering you high contents of Vitamin C and retinol (an animal form of Vitamin A).  Judging that organ meats are jam-packed with nutrition, an eyeball (or two) in your Bloody Mary may not be the worst thing you could stomach. As one of my favorite doctors in the online realm, Dr. Mercola, states, “Many traditional cultures and their medicine men– including Native Americans– believe that eating the organs from a healthy animal supports the organs of the eater.” If I had the opportunity to get asheep eyeball from a healthy, non-animal farmed sheep, I would 100% branch out and try the Mongolian Mary.