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Last Saturday my friends and I were feeling pretty hungover after an astounding evening with Trey Anastasio Band at the Fillmore. If you know me, you know I love Phish and all of the side-projects between. And sometimes, we party. Therefore, we couldn’t physically go too far, as heads were pounding and legs were pretty shot. I also woke up with an extreme craving for a Reuben sandwich. So we headed to the Elm, one of my favorite neighborhood bars located only ***4*** blocks away! I’ve been to the Elm a number of times– St. Patrick’s Day (corned beef baby), for dinner on multiple occasions, and one drunken night stumbling down Colfax for my friend’s birthday. This Saturday warranted $4 Bloodys (the also have $4 mimosas for you sweet toothed folk) and a tasty samwich. I’m always game for a cheap Bloody. I also found out the Elm has a decently priced breakfast menu including a burrito and some other items involving eggs. I recommend the Elm if you want a modestly priced brunch and plan on drinking a lot. Hey, if you’re like me, you can even walk. For more details about the Elm’s Bloody, please read my review below.



The Elm’s Bloody was bright red and full of spices in moderate-sized chunks (yum!). It was presented in a clean fashion and was garnished with an olive, lemon, and lime.


The garnish, as mentioned in the “At A Glance” section, solely consisted of an olive, lemon, and lime, but it was only $4. You guys know I’m a sucker for tasty and cheap Bloodys. So the garnish choice was quite sufficient for the price. The olive looked and tasted good, while the lime’s rind was a bit dirty and off-looking. I tossed it out. I squeezed juice from lemon into my Bloody– no harm there. The garnish was not very creative, but again, the Bloody was cheap.

SPICE 19/20

The spices within the Elm’s Bloody Mary were fresh-tasting and the cocktail had a punch to it. It was quite a zesty Bloody and relatively hot in terms of heat index. Pepper, horseradish, and hot sauce all shined through within the flavor.


The texture throughout the Bloody was relatively thick and constant through (score!). It was filling and tangy, leaving a barely-there acidic feeling in my throat. Is there a good type of “acidic?” If so, this Bloody had it.


Uniqueness points for yet another delicious and inexpensive Bloody! I still don’t get why some places charge $9 for a Bloody (unless tasty and extravagant garnishes are involved!). The Bloody also had a distinctive flavor and, as I said in the previous section, a “good” acidity to it if there was one. Plus I like the Elm. It’s four blocks from my house and super convenient– can’t factor that into the score though 🙂 Just had to shout it out.


If sandwiches, burgers, and inexpensive Bloody Marys are your thing, visit the neighborhood pub aka the Elm. The Elm is located at:

5001 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO, 80220