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PB_SpongebobI went to the Pickle Barrel with M last weekend, as it is one of our favorite places to have brunch in Fort Collins. The Pickle Barrel is known for their delicious sandwiches, but M and I always get the breakfast potato dishes with eggs on top (quite similar to a skillet– meat, veggies, and cheese all mixed together with some potatoes and toast on the side!). I also like PB because they have a bar and TVs inside. The drinks are cheap too 🙂 Pickle Barrel obviously serves up some great pickles– hence the name– and they have a normal and spicy variety. Lucky for me, the PB Bloody Marys are garnished with a big ol’ pickle on top. PB has an outdoor dining area for those warm autumn days, with a table featuring all of your favorite cartoons from childhood until now (even Mr. Eric Cartman from Colorado’s own South Park). I would recommend stopping by the establishment if you’re in the area– it’s modestly priced and the Bloodys are tasty. You can read more details about the Bloody below.



Pickle Barrel’s Bloody Mary looked really nice when the bartender delivered it to me. It was short and bright red, with many spices floating throughout and a delicious-looking pickle on top (drizzled in Worcestershire of course!).


The garnish was very enticing– it was solely a pickle, but a.) it’s the Pickle Barrel and b.) the Bloody was only $4! Can’t really beat that. The pickle did have a nice helping of Woosta (Worcestershire) sauce on top, adding points for both attractiveness and creativity. It was simple, but inviting. Plus the pickle was a big boy.

SPICE 17/20

The Bloody at Pickle Barrel was quite spicy and each sip had a bite to it. The mix was obviously homemade and had large chunks of spices– horseradish, different types of pepper, and hot sauce.


The texture of the Bloody was pretty thick and filling, while it was not very acidic. There was a kick to it, though, and the spices lingered in my throat. Although it was small, it took me awhile to drink because of the thickness!


As you know from other Bloody Mary reviews on my site, I like Bloodys that are cheap, but tasty. I pride restaurants and bars for being able to create delicious cocktails that won’t break the bank. Therefore, the $4 price tag on Pickle Barrel’s Bloody made it somewhat unique, while the garnish presentation of the pickle drizzled in Woosta did as well.


If you are interested in all-day breakfast, cheap cocktails, and a variety of sandwiches, check out Pickle Barrel’s menu here. Pickle Barrel is located at:

122 West Laurel Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80524

As a side note, I may be referring to Worcestershire sauce as “Woosta” sauce from now on because my favorite band Phish has played some epic shows in Worcester, Mass. AKA WOOSTAAAA! Thanks, guys.