Water cascading over the rocks

The subtle flow of the Poudre River.

Our faces basking in the sunlight

With eyes closed.

Our hands clasped together,

Our hearts melded as one.

Under the autumn skies

And the October sun.

Saturday’s on the river with my love during my favorite month of October– there really is no better way to spend a day. M and I headed up the Poudre River last weekend to have some drinks and food at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre restaurant. The Mish is an iconic live music venue outside of Fort Collins, located on the banks of the Poudre River. It truly is such a beautiful place to listen to a live band or have a nice meal.

I have been to a few concerts at the Mish and have eaten some small bites there, but never a full meal. There was a wait, as it was a sunny and warm Saturday when everyone wants to dine outside. While we were waiting for a table, we ordered drinks at the bar and took them to a rock in the river. Such a refreshing place to have a Bloody Mary cocktail! You can read my full review of the Mish’s Bloody Mary below. We then ended up sitting on the patio and ordering tasty burgers. I recommend going to the Mish for a concert, drink, or meal– or all three! It’s one of my top three favorite music venues of all time.



The Mish’s Bloody Mary was short for its price tag of $7, but looked tasty. It was a dark red colour and spices could be seen throughout. It was clean and served with a deli pickle, lime, olive, pepperoncini, and celery (green things!).


The garnish looked attractive (all green hues, baby) and contained my usual favorites for garnish items. Each ingredient was tasty… Especially the pickle! It was a Jewish deli pickle, which I am in love with– just on the cusp between briney pickle and crunchy cucumber.

SPICE 18/20

The spices used in the Mish’s Bloody Mary were nice and hot. There was the obvious celery salt and pepper present, while an intense “bite” was packed into that little glass. The spice lingered on my tongue for awhile.


There was not much acidity present in the Mish’s Bloody, though there was a little “burn” due to the intensity of the spices. The texture was a bit thicker, but went down nicely. Quite a filling cocktail in a small volume glass!


In terms of creativity, the Mish’s Bloody was unique due to its intense bite in a short glass. I also love Jewish deli pickles versus your usual pickle, so credit to the Mish for that. Otherwise, there was nothing to unique to chat about!


Spend a sunny day up at the Mish– dip your toes in the water, have yourself a bite-sized Bloody Mary, and enjoy the beauty of the Colorado mountains– which you can check out here. The Mishawaka Amphitheater is located at:

13714 Poudre Canyon Highway, Bellvue, CO, 80512