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Each of my Bloody Mary Tour recipes is handcrafted with love and inspired by a story. Below you will find a list of all of my original Bloody Mary recipes that I have made to date. You can click on each link to find the full recipe, along with tales and pictures.

1K Briny Bloody Recipe: Made with an array of brines and juices to add hints of vinegar.

Beanstalk Bloody Mary: Classic mix made with pickle juice and horseradish.

Bloody Bastard: For steak and chop aficionados.

The Bloody Bull Has Horns!: Bloody Bull featuring beef bouillon, Cajun spices, and horseradish.

The Bloody Cleanse: Make your body feel refreshed with this detoxifying recipe! Mix infused with cucumber, mint, lemon, lime, ginger root, olive oil, and habanero.

Bombay Bloody Mary: Combines the energy of Mumbai and chicken tikka masala. Recipe features the classic spices of the dish– garam masala, paprika, cayenne, turmeric, and cumin.

Cajun Elation: Crafted with traditional Cajun spices and the Holy Trinity (celery, white onion, red bell pepper).

Chicago Blackhawks Bloody Mary: Made for the greatest hockey team in history.. the Blackhawks! Featuring au jus, giardiniera, celery salt, pepper juice, and red pepper flakes.

Cayman Birthday Bloody: Crafted on my birthday in the Cayman Islands. Made with local ingredients [can be altered] like culantro [similar to cilantro], locally-made pepper jelly, Cayman BBQ rub, and Pickapeppa hot sauce.

Easter Bloody Caesar: A classic Bloody Caesar recipe.

From the Beaches of Capri: A twist on the caprese salad. Infused with basil, garlic, and balsamic.

Garden Bloody Mary: A refreshing mix infused with jicama, rutabaga, cucumber, parsnip, radish, mixed greens, garlic, carrots, and green onion.

Green Eggs & Ham: Inspired by the Dr. Seuss tale. Made with pine nut butter, basil, garlic, and serrano peppers.

The Island Hopper: Flavors encompassing the Pacific region from Hawaii to Japan. Infused with wasabi, chili garlic sauce, ginger root, Thai chilies, and Asian chili powder.

Italian Bloody Mary: Inspired by my trip to Italy years ago. Contains pesto and Italian spices.

The Jerry [Garcia] Mary: Deadicated to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Featuring chili, veggie infusions, and an array of spices.

Julius Bloody Caesar: Inspired by my life as a Pisces, my love for the band Phish, my soft spot for seafood, and connection with the element that is water. Mix made with clam juice, Thai fish sauce, and Cayman sea salt BBQ rub.

Passover Bloody Mary: “Bloody Mary of the Chosen People”: Made for my Jewish pals. Contains all parts of the Seder plate~ Karpas, Zeroa, Beitzah, Charoset, Maror, and Chazaret.

Pepper Me Crazy, Baby: Infused with four different types of peppers, along with spices and hot sauce.

Saya Cinta Malaysia: Inspired by Malaysian spices and dishes. Featuring coconut milk, Malaysian spices, and Budu sauce.

Simply Super Bowl Bloody: Quick and simple recipe for football games, parties, and picnics.

Wisco Bloody Mary: Made with memories of good times in Wisconsin, along with sauerkraut, stone ground mustard, and olive brine.