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When I heard the phrase “World’s Largest Bloody Mary Bar,” I knew I had to go to Silver Grill in Fort Collins for this annual event. Taking place this year on the weekend of July 11th and 12th, the bar was set up out back on Silver Grill’s patio. Articles leading up to the event boasted over 50 garnishes, many salts, mixes, and hot sauces… And they definitely boasted for good reason. This year marked the 4th year of this extravaganza and I was happy to take part and build a ridiculous Bloody Mary because I like my Bloodys ridiculous and delicious. I ended up sitting at the bar inside and ordering salmon eggs benedict to eat, though the patio looked rather enticing. Check out my review of Silver Grill’s Bloody Mary bar below– you won’t be disappointed. I will also note they have a regular Bloody Mary bar that can suffice until next year’s “World’s Largest Bloody Mary Bar” goes down again!



Regular Bloody Mary bar runs Saturdays and Sundays from 6:30 AM- 2 PM; “World’s Largest Bloody Mary Bar” is only once a year


I sat at the bar because I was by myself and didn’t want to wait for a table. Inside the restaurant, there is definitely an old school homey vibe that reminds me of those 1950s-era soda shops. I have been here before and sat outside on the patio, so I would definitely recommend sitting out there if possible and getting your healthy dose of that Colorado sunshine 😉 I was told they also have blankets when it starts to get colder so you can still sit outside (who doesn’t love being warm and fuzzy while drinking a delicious Bloody and shoveling eggs benedict down your throat?). Either way, it’s got the Old Town feel.


$6.50 for one DIY Bloody, with infused vodka of your choice


Had a selection of a few brands and a few flavors within each brand: Horsetooth Hot Sauce, Freshies, Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy; also had tomato juice and V8 if you wanted a more bland base to start


A few different hot sauces (Horsetooth, Cholula, Tabasco), over 10 different kinds of salt (cool!), horseradish, minced garlic, wasabi powder, celery, large Jewish deli pickles, mini pickles, pink hard-boiled eggs (halved), hard-boiled quail eggs, feta cheese, bacon bits, sliced sausage, purple pickled cauliflower, pickled carrots, cocktail onions, cherry peppers, mini shrimp (these were very weird and half frozen, though), pickled beets, pickled mushrooms, olive varieties (green, blue cheese stuffed, kalamata, etc.), green beans, peas, pepperoncini, limes, jalapenos, some weird Japanese fruit, asparagus, some sort of jerky stick, rhubarb, sausage, cherries, apples, water chestnuts.



I crafted up a Bloody with Silver Grill’s citrus-infused vodka. I used Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy’s Cajun Bloody Mary mix as my base then added horseradish, wasabi powder, and minced garlic. I tossed in some sea salt (not sure which specific salt it was– my phone died as I was trying to take notes) and some Horsetooth Hot Sauce (a few different flavors). I garnished my Bloody with one of the pink hard-boiled eggs, a quail egg (you can never have too many eggs!), a delicious Jewish deli pickle, a little pickle, asparagus, feta cheese, other pickled veggies, one of the weird little shrimps that wasn’t frozen, celery, and a lemon.. I proceeded to toss bacon bits on the top.

My Bloody was reallllly good. I loved the citrus infused vodka– I’ve never really used a citrus-type vodka in a Bloody Mary, so it was a nice, innovative change. It was also a first for Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy’s Bloody Mix, which lists beef bouillon and various Cajun spices as ingredients. I really enjoyed this mix and would like to try it again! I do love me some Cajun delights.. The texture of my Bloody ended up being perfect and not acidic at all (I am a pro at making Bloodys, though 😉 ). All of the spice combinations, along with the citrus, produced a complex flavor that was deep in heat levels.


The garnish choices were plentiful and definitely covered an array of tastes– ranging from spicy to pickled to sweet to sour! I think they definitely covered the “World’s Largest Bloody Mary Bar” in terms of garnish options. I think the option of having the tomato juice, V8, and three different mix brands was good as well, but next time I would encourage Silver Grill to make a house Bloody Mary mix to truly let their culinary skills shine. I loved how Silver Grill had more than 10 different types of sea salt to use in the Bloodys as well– they had salt from locations all over the world! The price was great– for $6.50 you could nearly stuff your entire stomach with Bloody and garnishes! I thought this event was great and would definitely return again next year. I am interested in trying Silver Grill’s usual Bloody Mary bar, as that may make for a better review since readers will have to wait until next year for another “World’s Largest Bloody Mary Bar.” 🙂

Check out Silver Grill here. Silver Grill is located at:

218 Walnut Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80524