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backdoorgirllbloodyBloody Mary Tour took a mini Colorado road trip last week to a few Colorado hot spots and stopped at a few points in between (for gas, food, etc.) and got to see much of Colorado’s geological, sociological, and ecological diversity– from Denver– Kremmling– The Woods in the Middle of Nowhere Up North– Steamboat– Beautiful Drive Down South Through the Dry Rustic River Lands– Glenwood Springs– Snowmass– Maroon Bells in the National Forest– Aspen– Independence Pass and the Continental Divide– Leadville– Back to Denver. I may have not spent more than 20 minutes in a few of those places, but I experienced incredible feelings throughout understanding each and seeing them for their individual worth. Our first big stop: the woods in the middle of nowhere north of Steamboat, then Steamboat Springs. We drove into the woods at night, to a secret and mysterious area where my friends’ band had constructed a stage for a birthday party. Wild times into the night, with no one around but our glorious selves. It was a night of laughter, great tunes played by Good Touch, and (mostly) new friends. Passing out when the sun was about to come to a rise, we woke up in a scorching hot tent.


Yampa River in Steamboat Springs

A Bloody Mary was absolutely necessary. We drove down to Steamboat Springs in search of a Bloody. M (new acronym I will use for my boyfriend on Bloody Mary Tour), our friend, and myself attempted to go to two breakfast spots for Bloodys and bennys, but no such luck. It was Father’s Day (by the way my dad is awesome and I wish I could have spent it with him!) and super crowded. Our friend, who lives in Steamboat, mentioned a burger place. I had bennys on my mind, but a burger and Bloody didn’t sound half bad. We went to Back Door Grill, which is a little place in (what seems like) the black of a building on a quiet street– from the front it looked like a burger stand. I got the Mahalo… A Hawaiian-style burger with grilled pineapple, Swiss, and teriyaki… It was amazing! And we, of course, got Bloodys. The Back Door Grill Bloody Mary was exceptional; I think I have been getting really lucky with Bloodys everywhere I go lately. No complaints here. Check out my review below– if you’re ever in the Steamboat area, stop by. I hear they are famous for a burger served on a glazed donut with peanut butter, bacon, fried egg, hash brown, and cheddar.. I saw a guy devouring it at a table nearby 😉



Back Door Grill’s Bloody Mary looked mighty good when it was served it me. The Bloody was a nice deep red hue and spices were quite abundant. As the waitress carried the Bloodys over to our table, she apologized for the liquid spilling over the side, as she told us she “filled ‘em to the top!” So, when I would usually knock off points for cleanliness, I did not in this case because she told us why the glasses were so full 🙂 The amount of ingredients in the garnish was just perfect; we got two slices of bacon (SCORE!!!), a cherry pepper, olive, cocktail onion, lemon, and lime.


The garnish was just freakin’ great. First off, two slices of bacon renders BIG POINTS for this Bloody Mary. Bacon, first off, always scores an extra point. Two slices… Game changer. Back Door Grill did well– plus the bacon was perfectly crispy. The cherry pepper and olive were also delectable and attractive, while the cocktail onion was a bit sketchy in terms of taste. The garnish placement was on point, as well. Creativity wise? Well, let me just bring up the two slices of bacon again.. Yeah. No words necessary.

SPICE 20/20

The spices in Back Door Grill’s Bloody were tasty. There was quite a unique flavor to the Bloody due to a lot of horseradish, Sriracha, and pepper.. Along with something secret that gave the cocktail a meaty flavor. I liked how the spices were rather coarse, as well, which gave it a full flavor. There was a little kick to the Bloody, but it was just perfect.


This Bloody Mary was super thick and chunky, but went down nicely. It was really filling and hard to finish because I was also trying to eat an entire burger layered with a pineapple ring… But I did finish it and the texture was great if you like ‘em thick! As mentioned in the spice category, the spices were not grinded down to the core, again giving to a heavier drink density. The cocktail was not acidic at all.


Back Door Grill’s Bloody Mary was unique for primarily two reasons: (1) two pieces of bacon = winner; (2) the meaty flavor resulting from the complex spices was OG as f***. I truthfully have not had a Bloody that tastes like this before. If you like things thick and meaty, you gotta go to Steamboat to have this Bloody.


Want a delicious burger and a Bloody? Check out Back Door Grill’s website here. Back Door Grill is located at:

825 Oak St, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487