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This past Sunday, I went to the Blind Pig Pub with my boyfriend and two friends for drinks and brunch. We sat on the patio in the Colorado sunshine– it was a beautiful June day in Fort Collins. I ordered a build-your-own Bloody Mary and the rest of the table got some deliciously-flavored mimosas (think pineapple basil and mango ginger!). We all had to get the brunch buffet because the Blind Pig doesn’t offer menu items until 2PM (this is questionable). The buffet was definitely tasty and a good deal, but sometimes I like ordering off the menu and having my one carefully-selected meal choice. But you can’t always get what you want! All in all, it was a delightful Sunday afternoon and I really enjoyed the Bloody Mary bar, as it was full of flavor options and delicious garnishes. You can read my review of the Blind Pig Pub’s Bloody Mary bar below.


Sundays from 11AM-3PM


We sat outside on the patio looking out onto Old Town in Fort Collins. Inside, the Blind Pig definitely has the bar feel and is dimly lit. There are TVs at the bar seating area if you want to watch any sports games. I would recommend sitting on the patio if it’s nice out.


$5 for one well-vodka DIY Bloody


Bloody Revolution mixes (Original, Ribeye, Wasabi Ginger, Pickle Zing, Smoked Habanero)



At least 20 different hot sauces, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, celery, pickled cauliflower, carrots, cocktail onions, pepperoncinis, blue cheese-stuffed olives, mini pickles, cherry peppers, green olives, pickled okra, lemons, limes, and ground pepper.



One DIY Bloody made with the Ribeye mix. I tossed in two types of hot sauce (Cajun and habanero), horseradish, Worcestershire, liquid smoke, and pepper. I garnished my Bloody with everything at the bar except for a lime. It looked smokin’ hot in terms of looks and taste.

The Bloody I crafted up tasted super, super delicious. The Bloody Revolution Ribeye mix tasted awesome, with hints of steak and a full-bodied flavor. The large amount of horseradish I tossed in complimented the mix nicely, along with the liquid smoke and Worcestershire (who doesn’t love these sauces with their steak?!). I really enjoyed the spices in the Ribeye Bloody mix. On other notes, the texture of the Bloody was thick, but went down smoothly and was not acidic at all. All of the garnishes tasted good, as well– the pickled items were delicately flavored (the actual pickle had a sweet-and-spicy cinammon-flavored brine) and the fresh ingredients were fresh as can be!



I think $5 is a great price for a DIY Bloody at a full-stacked Bloody Mary bar. Sometimes I go to restaurants in Denver and it’s upwards of $9 for a Bloody garnished with just a freakin’ lemon and olive. At the Blind Pig, you can have a lemon, 5 olives, and a plethora of other things for your Bloody. I actually got many compliments on my Bloody Mary from other restaurant patrons and even our waitress– because I garnish them Bloodys up, kids!! Bloody Mary Tour does not mess around when given the opportunity for eccentric and over-the-top garnish ideas. This was the first time I tried a Bloody Revolution mix and now I’m itching to try the other flavors! In general, there were a lot of options in terms of mix, garnishes, hot sauces, and other add-ons for Bloody lovers at the Blind Pig’s Bloody Mary bar. I think the buffet is a good deal as well, unless you like to order a specific meal (which most of us do sometimes).

Check out the Blind Pig Pub here. The Blind Pig Pub is located at :

214 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524