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The Colorado Room is a vibey restaurant full of just what you would expect– that “Colorado” energy. Located in Fort Collins, this restaurant and bar is adorned with artwork created by Colorado artists and other memorabilia from the Rocky Mountain state. There’s a back patio where you can see local musical acts perform on weekends and play a variety of board games with your family and friends. Whatever the weather, you will surely feel at home at the Colorado Room. The establishment has a great food selection, as well, for great prices. They have many different sliders (think pulled pork, bison, chicken, veggie, and more), along with poutines and Rocky Mountain oysters. I ordered the beef special slider, which was wonderful, and the classic poutine because I have never had one before (and I freaking love cheese curds). Both food items were delicious. For my drink? A Bloody Mary, of course!


Decked out for the game- Chicago in Colorado!

When I went here on Saturday, my boyfriend, two friends, and I decided to sit inside so we could watch the Blackhawks play in the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals– GO HAWKS! Unfortunately, we lost, but Game 3 is on tonight so I hope all ya’ll root for the best team there is in hockey aka the Chicago Blackhawks! Hockey aside, I recommend going to the Colorado Room for a bite to eat and a Bloody because you really can’t beat the atmosphere or the price. You can check out my review of the Colorado Room’s Bloody Mary below.



The Colorado Room’s Bloody Mary looked clean and appealing when delivered to my table. It was a nice, bright red and looked aesthetically pleasing due to the green and red color combination (red of the cocktail and the green garnish ingredients). The garnish consisted of two celery stalks, two big, green olives, and a lime wedge. This Bloody Mary screamed “IT’S FINALLY SUMMER!” The garnish was simple, but added overall presentation points to the drink as a whole, thanks to the color scheme. You could see many spices floating around in the cocktail, especially pepper and horseradish.


The garnish ingredients looked fresh and bright, bringing me into the full summer swing. Although the garnish was not very creative, I am happy the Colorado Room included two celery stalks and two large olives, which made it the garnish quite attractive (all things green- along with a nice, vibrant lime slice!). Each ingredient tasted good.

SPICE 20/20

The Colorado Room’s Bloody Mary had a nice vegetable taste to it. The Bloody was a little spicy and a little sweet, while resulted in a perfectly balanced flavor. A light, fresh taste came with every sip… Again, accentuating those summer vibes. The horseradish kick was great.


The texture of the Colorado Room’s Bloody was light, but filling. It was not watered down at all, which you sometimes get with lighter-tasting Bloody Marys. You know when it’s cold out and you want a hearty drink and when the weather gets warmer, you want something a little lighter? That’s how the Colorado Room must feel when making their drinks come June! Thanks for getting climatic and understanding what your customers want! The cocktail was not acidic either.


In terms of creativity, this Bloody Mary was pretty average. The two most unique things I found about it were: 1.) the artistic appeal when the drink first arrived at my table (loved the warmth of the red cocktail color mixed with the bright green of the garnish ingredients); and 2.) the lightness of the drink’s texture in combination with a full, delicious flavor. Plus, it was a great Bloody for only $4. You can’t really go wrong there.


You can check out the Colorado Room here. The Colorado Room is located at:

642 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO, 80524