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Sunday Funday, baby— that beautiful cap on every weekend. Sure, you’re dreading work on Monday, but Sunday gives you that last glimmer of freedom– freedom to do as you please, wherever you may please, and with whoever you please. This past Sunday, some friends and I went to a late dinner at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Cherry Creek North. Enticed by a late happy hour and burgers, we waltzed in already a bit tipsy. Bad Daddy’s had your classic burger joint bar vibe, with TVs throughout the vicinity and high top tables in the bar area. We proceeded to order some food and drinks; I ended up having some wings, chili, and a Bloody Mary of course! And let me tell you.. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar knows how to present a Bloody in timeless fashion, while tasting good too. I will have to mention that bacon was involved… You can follow up on some details of Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar’s Bloody Mary below (kind of a tongue twister with two apostrophe “s”).



Bad Daddy’s Bloody Mary was quite impressive. It was a nice, deep red color and spices were apparent throughout. The Bloody Mary was sexy and attractive, just like the city looks sexy on warm summer nights. The garnish consisted of bacon, a leafy stalk of celery, an olive, and a pepperoncini– just the perfect amount of ingredients in a garnish. The Bloody Mary was clean in appearance, as well.


The garnish placement was beautiful! Points for attractiveness for this garnish. The celery was leafy and accentuated the giant piece of bacon that was wrapped around the cocktail pick. The bacon was nice and meaty– not too crispy– and the rest of the garnish ingredients had tasty flavors as well. This category also gets creativity points for the thoughtful presentation of the garnish ingredients. Kudos to the bartender that made this Bloody! Kudos to bacon for existing!

SPICE 19/20

The spice complexity of Bad Daddy’s Bloody Mary was on point. The most notable spices were black pepper and celery seed, which you could see dispersed throughout the drink. The spices were deep and just right.


The texture of the Bloody Mary was not too thick and went down easily– gulp gulp! The Bloody was a little acidic, but not too the point it gave me major heartburn or made it hard to drink. It was not diluted by any means.


While Bad Daddy’s Bloody Mary was not the most unique Bloody I have drank, the presentation was out of this world. If a restaurant or bar serves me a Bloody in such a fashion, that renders automatic points for this category. The placement of the garnish ingredients was just so on point. I think other locales could learn from Bad Daddy’s— you can make the most simple drink look beautiful if you think artistically and colorfully. Also, bacon wins every time. Put bacon in your Bloody and I’m all yours.


Check out Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar here. There are 3 locations in Colorado. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Cherry Creek is located at:

240 Milwaukee St., Denver, CO 80206