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Happy Cinco De Mayo! I went to Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins this past Sunday with my boyfriend and a few friends. I had been there years ago, but wanted to try their Bloodys again. The previous evening, a few people told me “You gotta try their Bloodys!” and that it’s awesome watch the bartender craft each cocktail. So there we went– to Avoooogadro’s! When you walk into Avogadro’s, psychedelic paintings of animals, jungles, and wizards abound– you feel like you’re walking into The Jungle Book on steroids. On various nights during the week, Avogadro’s has live music and open jam/mic nights.

I ordered up a burger at the counter and went to the bar to get a Bloody. At a nice price of $5.25, I was stoked to not be reaching deep into my pockets to pay for an outrageously priced cocktail. I watched the bartender make my Bloody, which was cool. I always like the knack people put into mixing their Bloody Marys. We sat outside on the patio to enjoy Sunday Funday– right next to a sweet two-story treehouse. The patio of Avogadro’s has a nice ambiance and is perfect to enjoy a springtime meal. The burger I ordered was good… The Bloody… not so much. I’m not sure if I came on an off day or what. There’s also a great possibility the bartender from the previous day that my friends were speaking so highly of was not working on Sunday, so maybe that’s why the Bloody was sub-par (you know a Bloody isn’t good when you need someone else to help you finish it). We’ll never know, but you can read my review of Avogadro’s Bloody Mary below.



When the bartender served me the Bloody Mary, it looked good and was a nice deep red brick tone. There were spices dispersed throughout and there was a lot of pepper visible. The Bloody had a clean appearance and was garnished with a lemon, lime, and lots of olives (I did ask for extra!).


The garnish was pretty simple, but attractive. The olives tasted good and I tossed the lemon and lime into the actual cocktail. Not many creativity points were awarded for this one.

SPICE 12/20

I ordered my Bloody Mary a bit spicy, so there was a little heat when drinking the cocktail. The spices used in the cocktail were not too complex and pepper was a prevalent flavor. The flavor also had a bite to it– and not a good one. You know how some Bloody Marys can have that bitter taste? That is indeed what Avogadro’s Bloody had and it was hard to consume.


Avogadro’s Bloody Mary was somewhat watered down and was not thick. The drink was not acidic, but it was not fulfilling. It was pretty diluted and had no sustenance.


This Bloody Mary was not unique at all, except watching the actual construction of the Bloody Mary was somewhat unique. I watched the bartender pour vodka over ice, then Tabasco, pepper, and finally, the mix. I enjoy watching people make Bloodys so I was happy I got to catch this moment on Sunday. On other notes, the garnishes were quite basic and there wasn’t any seasoning on the rim. It was just your average Bloody and the taste was pungent at times.


Check out Avogadro’s here. Avogadro’s is located at:

605 S. Mason St, Fort Collins, CO, 80524