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I am one Bloody grateful lady! Last week, I received some awesome samples from Demitri’s, a Seattle-based company that has been specializing in Bloody Mary supplies for over 25 years. I was sent all four of their Bloody Mary seasonings (Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mixes 8 oz Variety Pack – Set of 4– Classic Recipe, Extra Horseradish, Chilies and Peppers, and Chipotle-Habanero) and their two RimShot! flavors (Demitri’s Bloody Mary Spiced RimShot and Demitri’s Bacon RimShot). Demitri actually sent me a handwritten letter with his products, as well, which made me incredibly warm and fuzzy inside because I like personable people and I like heart-felt interactions. Anyways, Demitri came up with the wonderful idea to craft pre-made Bloody Mary seasonings back in 1988 when he was unhappy with the inconsistency in Bloody Marys that bar patrons faced at the restaurant in which he worked, due to the different bartenders and varying amounts of ingredients day by day. Therefore, he created this “formula” or recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary– after that, all you need is tomato juice and booze (and a crafty garnish, of course!).



Worcestershire sauce, spices, chili pepper puree, prepared horseradish, lemon juice concentrate, red pepper sauce, celery seed, natural flavoring, xanthan gum.

The ingredients in each Bloody Mary seasoning are roughly the same, with (obviously) more horseradish in the Extra Horseradish seasoning and more chili pepper puree in the Chilies and Peppers. There is an addition in the Chipotle-Habanero seasoning of chipotle and habanero peppers.

Key Notes

I really like Demitri’s Bloody Mary seasonings because they truly cater to personal preferences. In my understanding, there are four levels of spice present in Demitri’s seasonings: the Classic Recipe is mild, the Extra Horseradish moves up to medium, then we have the Chilies and Peppers classified as hot, and finally, the Chipotle-Habanero is very hot. Demitri makes something for everyone!

What differentiates Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings From Other Similar Products?

Demitri’s is different from other Bloody Mary mixes because it is not, well, a mix! Instead, Demitri creates a full-spectrum of seasonings that you simply add to tomato juice to make Bloody Mary mix, which allows for a lot of freedom in the creation of a Bloody Mary. The seasonings are also great because you can use them when cooking, as well, in a marinade, sauce, or even on your salad. I love the versatility in how you can employ the seasonings and how the ingredients are likely to be fresher after being stored for some time versus your traditional, pre-made Bloody Mary mixes. In terms of other Bloody Mary seasonings, Demitri’s is the only one I know of that includes EVERYTHING you need except tomato juice. Other Bloody Mary seasoning kits offer you solely the spices– you have to add the Worcestershire, lemon juice, etc.

From the Looks of It

When I looked at each bottle of seasoning, spices were abundant. You could clearly see the pepper and celery seed throughout, while a nice, dark color from the Worcestershire was apparent, as well.

Taste Test

I tasted each of Demitri’s Bloody Mary seasonings prior to using them in an actual Bloody Mary. The taste test rendered each flavoring as AWESOME! I moved from least spicy to spiciest, in order to prepare myself for the next level of hot. The Classic Recipe seasoning was good, with Worcestershire sauce being the most dominant flavor, and salty (I love all things salty!). The Extra Horseradish seasoning may be my favorite– it’s SUPER horseradish-y and gets pretty intense, while being a great sinus clearer. The flavor was deep with a kick to it. Next, I tried the Chilies and Peppers, which was much more spicy than the two previous seasonings and had a smoky flavor. There is a definite kick to it; I would love to use this flavor on meat and fish when cooking. Lastly, the Chipotle-Habanero. WOW! That stuff is HOT. The habanero is fierce and dominant,  while there are definite hints of chipotle, as well.


The Bloody Mary Flight

I decided to construct a Demitri’s Bloody Mary Flight with all of the Bloody Mary seasonings and RimShots! I used the regular RimShot! with the Classic Recipe and Chilies and Peppers seasonings and used the Bacon RimShot! with the Extra Horseradish and Chipotle-Habanero seasonings, to sample a few different combinations. Since I was using small glasses, I figured out my own metrics of how much seasoning, tomato juice, and vodka to use in each Bloody Mary. The back of each seasoning bottle includes instructions to make a quart-sized batch of Bloody mix, but, sadly for me, I could not drink an entire batch of Bloody mix last night (quart-sized batches must wait for the weekend!). Anyways, for my Bloody flight, I used roughly ½ tablespoon of Demitri’s seasoning in each Bloody, 2 oz. of tomato juice, and roughly half a shot of vodka, along with a few ice cubes, a garnish, and the RimShot! on the glass’s rim. Like usual, I do not like to add anything to the pre-made Bloody Mary mix or seasonings when writing about the product because I want to give my full thoughts on the product itself and nothing else. I garnished each sampler with 2 olives and another, more briney item (pickle, cocktail onion, pickled okra, and pepperoncini are representative of the other garnish ingredients).

My thoughts on each sampler in the Bloody Mary flight are reflective of the elements mentioned in the “Taste Test” section; the Classic Recipe was very tasty, not spicy, and the Worcestershire flavor is very distinct. The Classic Recipe is a good choice if you like a good ol’ classic Bloody without any hotness (think “mild”). The addition of the regular RimShot! added for a nice salt-and-peppery complement with each sip. The Extra Horseradish, as mentioned before, was my favorite out of the four seasonings. I really, really, REALLY love it. It has that lovely horseradish zing to it that you can’t go wrong with. Extra Horseradish + Bacon RimShot! = BOOM BABY. The Bacon RimShot! with each Bloody sip is on point. Moving up the scale in terms of spice, the Bloody made with the Chilies and Peppers seasoning was hot and smoky, which you can guess by the name Chilies and Peppers. There was definitely a little burning sensation as I drank this one, though the RimShot! helped tone it down a bit. At last, the Chipotle-Habanero was hot as f***. The habanero is quite intense, but I do like it. This seasoning is not for the lily-livered, but is an awesome, complex seasoning that allows the drinker to fully experience both the notes of habanero and chipotle.

So how was it?

Demitri’s Bloody Mary products are tasty, versatile, and truly crafted with knowledge for Bloody Marys. There’s a Bloody Mary seasoning for each person’s spice preference, while both RimShot!s provide an easy and delicious way to rim your Bloody glasses. I haven’t tossed any of Demitri’s seasonings into a chicken marinade yet, but I know the result will be damn good!

Check out Demitri’s Bloody Mary products here, along with an array of Bloody Mary and food recipes, a blog, and many awards the company has won over the years.