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Hello all, HAPPY FRIDAY! I know I have been lacking on posts this week, but work has been super busy and all I have wanted to do once I get home is relax and fall asleep. Nonetheless, Bloody Mary Tour will be back in full force next week with a new recipe, restaurant/bar review, and a write-up on some of Demitri’s Bloody Mary products! Demitri himself graciously sent me some of his RimShots! and Bloody Mary seasonings to try, along with a handwritten note from the man himself. I almost teared up with happiness once I read the note last night, as it has been a long week and this personal gesture made me smile so big.

Anyways, if you haven’t yet, follow Bloody Mary Tour on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for (almost) daily updates! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

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