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Wishlists, “To Do Before I Die” lists, life dream lists— all of these things generate hope and desire to have experiences, to acquire things, to travel the untraveled, and to achieve certain goals, among others. These so-called “lists” allow a person to set aspirations for the future in a form of check marks, while in actuality they are just an outline to guide your way through life’s most exciting and warranted leaps and bounds.

I think I speak for many when I say I like creating these sorts of lists. I like to have a list (even if it may be in my mind) of where I want to live and travel; I enjoy researching the vastness of the world, from cultural identity to cuisine to environmental wonders. If I am money happy, sometimes I like to make lists of random things I want to purchase or restaurants in my area that I would like to try. Thus, I thought I would create my very own “Bloody Mary Wishlist” in numerous segments, to serve as an outline to guide my way through drinking the world’s best Bloody Marys. As there are many grounds to cover when making such a list, I decided to focus on 5 Bloodys from different cities in the United States for my first wish list post. So let’s see what Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Madison have to offer in the form of liquid dreams!

SUNDA: Chicago, IL

Photo Cred: Unknown

Photo Cred: Unknown

Sunda’s Sumo Mary is on top of my list for many reasons. Not only is it 32 oz. (that’s, like, 4 Bloody Marys), but it has an array of ingredients in the garnish. I saw this bad boy on a Thrillist article one time (I’m sure you all have too) and THEN I saw it on my friend’s Facebook page. He had it and clarified that it is pretty fucking awesome. The Sumo Mary has a loompya stick (whatever that is…), snow crab handroll, duck bao, chinese broccoli, oshinko, braised pork belly, tocini grilled cheese, herb-roasted potatoes, AND 3 slices of bacon. It sounds like the most amazing heart attack in a jar I have ever heard of. Plus, the brunch menu looks great, as well. If I was hungry for brunch after the Sumo Mary endeavor, I think I would have the soft shell crab benedict. I love soft shell crab.



Photo Cred: mint love social club (mintlovesocialclub.com)

I had to choose somewhere in Denver to put on my Bloody Mary Wishlist because it’s feasible to access in a short period of time. I was about to go here the other weekend, but got lazy and went to a place down the street from my house. Anyways, I hear Fuel Cafe has a nice, Green Bloody Mary made from tomatillos. The website does not give much detail about what else may be in this Bloody Mary nor is there a picture online of the damn thing! Thus, the picture I used for this wishlist item serves as a placeholder until I actually try the Green Bloody Mary from Fuel Cafe. On a side, I would order the Green Chile Poutine for breakfast because it does indeed have cheese curds! My Midwestern roots love fried cheese.


Photo Cred: Tamp of Approval (tampofapproval.com)

Photo Cred: Tamp of Approval (tampofapproval.com)

So this Bloody Mary aka the Lightnin’ Mary from Green Goddess sounds fucking great. And looks phenomenal. One of these days I will make my way down to the Big Easy to light my fire with this bad boy, dance to some New Orleans jazz, and drink copious amounts of alcohol for days straight. Jazz Fest, anyone? Nonetheless, this Bloody Mary is “made from scratch using fresh Heirloom tomatoes, Pickapeppa, Crystal Hot Sauce, Cathead Vodka, Bittermens Hellfire Bitters, and lots of spices.” Sooo…. I really want this right now. And I want the Acadian Country Breakfast (potato biscuits stuffed with boudin patties with a side of truffle grits)…. And I want to be in New Orleans!



Photo Cred: Ben Larson (foodspotting.com/people/Ben)

I could not find much information on Foreign Cinema’s Bloody Mary EXCEPT that it is made with curry, harissa, and balsamic vinegar. Curry and harissa in a Bloody Mary sound preeeetty innovative to me– and you know I love innovation. Plus, you can dine while you watch old films outside in a covered courtyard. That sounds pretty epic. Not only would the Bloody Mary cure my hangover, but I think Foreign Cinema’s Hangover Soup (poached egg, rich roasted pepper, jalapeno, and harissa broth with croutons, cilantro, and lime) would as well. I also saw something involving a champagne omelette on the menu too….


Photo Cred: James James Morrison Morssion Weatherby George Dupree (foodspotting.com/people/725068)

Photo Cred: James Morssion Weatherby George Dupree (foodspotting.com)

I’m pretty mad that I was never 21 when I actually lived in Illinois. My fake ID worked at some underground places in Chicago, but I never once thought to bring it up to Wisconsin…. Well, I did one time, but I think I would have been more apt to drive up to Wisco and try their Bloodys if I actually was 21. Enough about me, though, and back to the Bloodys! Bluephies looks like they offer up a pretty hefty Bloody Mary called the Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey. They detail it as a Bloody Mary with a “giant ole’ scotch egg (boiled, wrapped in sausage, breaded, and deep-fried), bacon, lemon, lime, olives, and string cheese put on top of house-infused bacon vodka with Zing Zang and a bit of Fuel Cafe stout beer.” WOW. A.) I have never had a scotch egg. B.) There is stout beer in the Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey. Alas, I am not the biggest fan of restaurants using pre-made mixes, but I would forget about my preconceptions to drink this Bloody. The Bloody Mary Flight sounds enticing, too– a trio of 8 oz. Bloodys that are all made with different alcohol (bacon infused vodka, jalapeno infused vodka, and tequila). Let’s get Wisco drunk.

Well ya’ll, theres my first segment of my (hopefully) never ending Bloody Mary Wishlist! If there are any Bloody Marys you think I should add to my wishlist, leave a comment 🙂