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When I first started thinking about Bloody Mary Tour this past summer, I was originally just going to take pictures of all of my favorite (and not so favorite) Bloody Marys. Therefore, these photos were taken before I had the grandiose idea of writing reviews. Most were good, some were bad, some were spicy, some were not. But HOT DAMN! I do love drinking Bloody Marys around the country. Make sure you check out @BloodyMaryTour on Instagram for awesome Bloody Mary photos!!!


Aviator’s Sports Bar & Bar-B-Que (Denver International Airport, CO): YUM! I always think Denver International Airport has the best Bloody Marys… I think Aviator’s may be my new favorite. They had over 7 house-made infusions to choose from and added bacon in my Bloody per my request (for free!).


Back Porch (Fort Collins, CO): The first time I was here years ago the Bloodys were A LOT better. I had the one pictured pretty recently- it was made with Absolut Peppar, but was not crafted well. It was made by my server– not the bartender… Man needs to learn how to make a Bloody better!


Bongo Room (Chicago, IL): I finally tried the Bongo Room in Wicker Park! My friend has been talking about it for awhile and we went when I was back home. This place was the truth. The Bloody was super great and garnished with cheddar cheese, sausage, a pepperoncini, and an olive. My meal was amazing too- a BLT benedict with pesto hollandaise and a pretzel crunch waffle. Can you say bomb?!


Having a Bloody Mary morning in Denver!


Tavern on the Green (NYC, NY): I went to Tavern on the Green in Central Park back in the day with my family (sans cocktails). I returned this past July, just to have a wonderful Beau Monde Bloody made with Absolut Peppar! It was quite refreshing on this hot and humid summer day, right as we got ready for the first night of seeing our favorite band on Randall’s Island.


Lisa & I’s our homemade Bloodies, loaded with different types of pepper, Sriracha, and garlic salt. Made in Chicago.


Some Place in Cherry Creek North