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Welcome to The Bloody Mary Tour, fellow Bloody Mary connoisseurs and enthusiasts! The Bloody Mary Tour is an all-inclusive website supporting the drinking, creating, and relishing of Bloody Marys.

Why focus on solely Bloody Marys you may ask?

Because they are a cornerstone of weekend brunch, Sunday football, long flights, music festivals, and, well, culture. They remain one of my favorite cocktails for their versatility, ability to be a self-sustaining meal, and history in both the United States and Europe. I offer to you my website, hosting an array of recipes, infusions, restaurant and bar recommendations, mixologist bios, entrepreneurial ventures, and an overall love for Bloody Marys.


Now, to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Jess and I currently live in Denver, CO, a place now evolving into a mecca for hip food and cocktails. I am originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, a city in which you all know hosts some of the best restaurants and bars in the United States. I found my love for Bloody Marys during my freshman year of college at a bluegrass festival in Oregon–  I was HOOKED since then. I wanted to turn my passion into something palpable, so I created this site. I love the creativity you find in Bloody Marys– the ingredients, the infusions, the never-ending list of garnishes– and the people and places that perpetuate their existence.

I ask you to join with me in creating a community for the drink we all know and love, and to let us learn and grow from each other. I encourage interaction, whether in the form of comments or emails, and feedback, as it is crucial for the evolution of a community and website.